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Anvil manufacturer identification

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Hello, recently I acquired this pig anvil and I would like to identify it's procedence, the makers brand is almost illegible but it could possibly be a Baker? As far I can distinguish te logo looks like an "x" with an arrow and an asterisk, also the weight is marked at 48 kg 20200618172716_IMG_3260.thumb.JPG.3fbd12b3ba8590200424c5708e1b04d1.JPG






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There are a lot of anvil experts on here that will be along to help give you more info. I am not one of them. But it's a Boker (for Henry Boker) the logo is the remainder of what you see below, which is just a stock photo of a newer miniature anvil I found that shows the whole logo more clearly, and not my own.


That's a cool looking anvil, I like it

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That is a French pattern anvil. To my knowledge H. Boker made English pattern anvils like a Boker Trenton. Never heard of a Boker French Pig anvil. It would help to know where in the world you are located, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show your location.

Upon further thinking Henry Boker was a hardware store and very well could have had the "pig" made for them.

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