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  1. Thanks all. I just picked up some bar stock to make the simple tongs. I hope to have time this evening to fire up the forge and whip them out. Already cut to length and have the holes drilled. I still need to breakup my charcoal into small pieces. That will only take a few minutes.
  2. Thanks. I can pick up the material on the way home tomorrow.
  3. Thanks guys. I will be firing it up tomorrow after work. I will be taking all advice into account to make sure all goes well. I really need so scrounge up some tongs today. Vise grips suck.
  4. Frosty will do. I will make sure to break them up. Makes total sense. I will be sure to stay hydrated. I seat like a pig normally so I always have my water. I will make sure to drink more when forging. Thanks all for the help.
  5. Thanks. I guess ignorance payed off this time. That and a lot of patience. He probably got tired of me pestering him and sold it that cheep.
  6. That would be me then if I get the wife involved. I will use some kids from down the block. Keep them out of trouble for a few hours.
  7. Thanks for that tip. I will be sure to remember that. I can always have my wife or one of my kids come out and pump my blower. That way I can save my strength to hammer. It will be a fun day for all
  8. Well. I just made my first fire. I learned many things this first go around. 1. I am not 30 years old anymore nor am I even 40. Haha. 2. Do not go out and make a fire when it is in the 90’s 3. Need to have an electric air supply. See lesson 1 for reason. Now the good 1. I was able to get the forge up to temp in less than 10 minutes. Not bad for first go. 2. Charcoal seems to be a very viable option for me. I will be trying other methods in the future. 3. Once I got the right air flow. I was able to bring the end of my material up to a decent temp in 3-4 minutes. The fire seems to start making a nice sound and inside the embers are a yellowish orange. 4. I have done my fair share of swinging hammers. But pounding hot steel is a humbling experience. 5. Really looking forward to this new chapter in life. Tom Edit: here is my 3 heats on my punch more when it is cooler.
  9. Correct lump hardwood. Thanks for looking out for that.
  10. I have finally accumulated everything to start my forging journey. I have rebuilt a rivet forge. I will be using charcoal to start with. I realize it is not people’s first choice for a charcoal forge. I cut some Diablo fire bricks to make a fire pot. As I will be trying charcoal for my first go. I added some bricks to get a 5” deep pot. Any and all input welcome on my setup of the forge. next up is my Anvil. A BIC Omaha #124. I just wire wheeled the face and horn to remove rust. The edges are all chipped but the previous caretaker did smooth them out. I picked up this anvil last year. After many months of haggling with the store owner. As you may know anvil prices in So Cal are insane. An average of $6-10 per pound. I kept going back once a month to try and get it lower. They were asking $550. There was no way I could afford that. Finally after long conversations with the owner and getting to know him a bit. I was able to get it for $300. Not great but at a bit over $2 per pound. I think we both did ok. I made the base from plans on the internet. It is pretty stable. Anyhow I picked up some hand held drills and a few chisels last weekend. I am going to take the one pictured and draw it. Out longer to make a 1/4” drift. As I will need one to start making tongs. i will post an update later tonight. As it is about 95 out right now. I think I will start this afternoon. Tom
  11. I live 4 blocks from Santoro’s I am right off of Burbank Blvd. There is not that many Olive trees left Sylmar still has the Olive festival every year at El Carrizo park. I used to play Disc Golf there in the 80’s I hope to make a few connections when I take my Tong class in a few weeks. I will see if they have meet ups some place.
  12. Small world, I live in Burbank. Very familiar with Sylmar, my Grandmother lived there for many years. My garage is detached. So I can mess it up even more. My one neighbor always has parties to all hours. He will not be a problem. My other side that house is going on the market. So unsure about the future neighbors there. I will Need to get some skills and make them stuff.
  13. Haha Salsa music! I will hear that on the weekends. Also with a propane I could make room in the garage for my smithy. First things first. I need to get some anvil time on what I have. I can get hardwood charcoal from Home Depot 18 lb bags for $15. I will pick a few bags up this weekend.
  14. My neighbors will hate me making charcoal. But I need to see what I prefer to forge with. Charcoal or coal, depending on availability. If all else fails I will go with a propane forge.
  15. Yes I can grab them from work. They just put them out and the pallet fairies come at night to take them away. Off to read up on making charcoal.