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  1. Tomas W

    Show me your vise

    Looks good. We’re you able to get the box out?
  2. Haha. I might just frame them now and leave well enough alone. Naaaa I will use them with a giant smile on my face
  3. I say if it worked for you for 20 years. It is not a piece of junk. May not be desirable to some people. Heck I would be proud to have that in my shop.
  4. I just got back from a tong making class at Adams Forge. It was a 6 hour class on Box Tongs. I had 1 previous class. A introduction to Blacksmithing. We made a bottle opener. The class was super informative. There were 10 students. One left after a few hours. Unfortunately he got very frustrated. The class entailed detailed lecture while the instructor did. We then went and tried to follow suit. Man do I have some nice blisters now. I was one of 3 people to actually get their tongs riveted to a functional state. I feel really good about that. I will need to tune them up more. But heck I made me some tongs.
  5. Great setup. I do have a question. Is the base made from a bunch of 2x4s? Or what wood setup?
  6. Tomas W

    Show me your vise

    Just leave it in and clean it the best you can. You are going to beat the snot out of it anyway.
  7. Tomas W

    Show me your vise

    Just beat it out use a piece of wood to protect the box threads. There must be some upset metal keeping it from coming out. Knock it forward and see if the face of the box. The front round section with the female threads. Look to see that the face is not mushroomed.
  8. Tomas W

    Show me your vise

    Leave smooth. The box should pull out the back side away from the jaw. Check and see if there is any pins holding the box. It should be free to move but not turn. That is how they are designed. They need to float.
  9. Tomas W

    Show me your vise

    Just tap it out with a rubber mallet or some wood. I suspect that there is an upset someplace holding in. It should slide right out.
  10. Very well could be. Look at Wilton Bullet Vises. Start high and see what the market will bring. You will get counter offers and some low ball guys.
  11. Tomas W

    Show me your vise

    Dang that looks nice. Do you even need to clean it up?
  12. I agree too on the impatient wanting it now. They will keep these profiteers in business. It took me over a year to find my HB. Then literally 2 weeks later a 50 lb Vulcan in really nice shape turned up from a seller I always talk to. Got it for $50. I refuse to deal with people like that. Most of the sellers at the swap meets I go to are VERY PROUD of their things. The same stuff sits for years.
  13. I just thought I would share anvil prices in the Los Angeles area. This one guy single handedly drives all tool prices through the roof.
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