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  1. Yes. There is a core hole up the center. Great, that kind of sets a date. I will clean it up either way, but i am not a welder myself, and i didn't want to cause further damage by using it as is.
  2. Oops. Picture didn't stick. This anvil has a "W" impressed in it. It has a square hole in one end and a round in the other. I was told it is from around the 1850s but am trying to confirm where that came from. It is about 240 pounds.
  3. This anvil has a crack between the hard plate and the casting on one of the quarters. In general, able to fix so it does continue to run?
  4. I really appreciate the info in this older thread. Now, I'll have to mark it so I can refer back. I made a hammer head with A33 a few weeks ago. Loved doing it.
  5. So, this is an old thread...are we completely successful with making a "new" blower?
  6. Okiwen


    Amazing. That is great info. I know that the whole quote thing bothers some here, but I can't find the "Thank you" button.
  7. Okay, so other than making a blower...is there experience with quality purchased blowers? I know that except for old blowers, it seems that the only thing valuable to purchase is from India or somewhere...am I wrong? I am thrifty, but I appreciate quality=value.
  8. Wow!! Now I'm looking !!!!
  9. thomaspowers. Interesting. I could not. If you would like to message me those four, I'd appreciate it. The size of the state is not nearly as important as the population centers. Stay away from those...but, if you are stuck in them, anything can be an hour away. Thank you for assistance.
  10. Irondragon forge & Clay...got it. Changed it.
  11. Thank you, all. Having difficulty finding a supplier at the moment. You'd think that there would be more in the area. When I do a search, I get railing fabricators and such. I have looked for blacksmithing groups in the area...no joy... I will continue to search and I really do appreciate your input. I will seek 1/2" bar stock as my go to...Thank you all. Steve Sells, Sir, Thank you. Perfect!
  12. NO. The sticky-note is not showing. Thank you though. Rather than occupy this thread, I'll continue to look...
  13. Did I quote the post directly before mine? I guess I don't see it. I'll have to look... Thank you for your help.
  14. If I am, replying to other members...why is the @ symbol bad? What would you suggest?
  15. I could not get it to load...shame really, because I tried...
  16. I am at the second time phase. 3/8 stock. Building the tools I will need as a hobby. I am currently stationed in the Quantico area of VA. Looking at wood-fired set up for the backyard. I know just a tad more than nothing...two hooks and a cheese cutter into the process. canNOT wait to make me a hammer...when I learn what style.
  17. I realize this is an old thread. Thank you all just the same. I was just about to try my hand at tongs from rebar. Now looking for a supplier in the area. needed dimensions and such
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