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  1. Just got done with a great visit to Wayne Coe’s place. Picked up some refractory, allot of good information and my wife and kids enjoy themselves. Seeing a ribbon burner first hand tempted me to start over, however that’s a significantly larger investment...... Ok bad jokes aside I’m sticking with my plan for a 20# propane tank build using 2) 3/4” T burners (thank you for the emails Frosty.) Follow the directions and go shopping without the distraction of 3 children and you can’t go wrong. Spent $60 on hardware I didn’t have or could get from a friend to make 2 burners. Waiting on my American made 30psi regulator with a gauge and stainless covered line to get here. I’m also waiting on fumed silica for rigidizing the wool and stainless flares. Considering using stainless for the mounting bracket but I haven’t decided if the extra cost is going to be that great of a long term investment. I’ve already got plans to build a ribbon burner and make the mounts redundant so share your thoughts. Finished internal volume I’m guessing will be close to 400 cubic inches give or take. This forge should be enough to get me tong and tooled up since last I heard everything from my pre USMC days are gone for good. It will also give me time to build a ribbon burner the right way.
  2. Tinker B

    It followed me home

    If some TMC flatbed semi truck is driving back and forth in front of your place it’s just me with a pocket full of cash and 34hours to spare. Chances are i dumpster dove some sweet metal finds too.
  3. Tinker B

    It followed me home

    The metal for the stand fallowed me home Thursday. Vice is an old Columbian I picked up Friday for $35 off CL. The small human just fallows me around doing whatever I do.
  4. Some favorite pearls from my grandfather “can’t weld without coke and you can’t make coke without wet coal” ”quit fighting the tongs, make them fit or make some new ones” “Quit being an engineer, simple heat treats better” ”god gave you a brain and a strong back, you’ll live longer using the first one” ”give it a try, but put the Dexta and the square bailer in the shop so we make the most out of the insurance when you burn the place down”