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  1. Watched many videos on torch construction. Read hours of torch construction suggestions and performed searches! I failed to find data on how far a tip should be to function at the best level. I know air flow makes a big difference in output function. Question: is the tip of this nipple[.025 tip] good as shown in photo 1 or should I add the barrel & bell together to place the tip just at the entrance of the bell? I plan to utilize a single burner in my forge! I can push the bell into the barrel & it will seat securely because I grinded the bell end to fit tight. I do not want to weld the ends together due to the need to change tips and welding them would make it very hard to change tips! Any positive thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. RToons

    Burners 101

    I agree. How can anyone be in the public working with such a serious condition? Or have to work to keep medical benefits! I lucked out but once I hit 65 it will all end and the dog food is the chow of the week and meds must end! We have been fighting with the state & fed for benefits for my mother-in-law but given she worked her entire life and now getting social security she is NOT eligible for mediCADE that pays ALL medical & medicine bills! Crazy system that if you worked & get SS , which does NOT cover much, you can live in distress with medical issues but if one never worked or not eligible for mediCARE you can get mediCADE and get all the medical and meds FREE? What type of work do you do Thomas?
  3. RToons

    Burners 101

    I was forced to accept LTD from my employer[I did purchase LTD benefits so with my wife working & me getting 66% of salary we are OK for now]. My better half is constantly telling me I am deaf, cannot see straight[I have MD which bends everything making reading very hard], cannot walk straight & have dementia; but she has always encouraged me to burn myself, smash my fingers & just push myself as not to become lazy! So after 37 yrs of her I will do as she says and build a forge for pain & suffering. The DEATH and serious reactions warning is on every med I take and on just about every pill, IV, injection or inhaling med produced! I appreciate your understanding of the crazies in this world!
  4. RToons

    Burners 101

    You are a man after my own heart! I did download the TAP & DIE chart as suggested by Frosty and it more then answered my question. Your reference advise is appreciated and I should have done some looking before I submitted that question! I blame my laziness on the RA meds. Lol!
  5. RToons

    Burners 101

    Without your intension to assist me I did take NOTE of the suggestion to look at a TAP & DIE chart. This chart answered the basic question I had and was better they just a reply on what size to use! Thank You in any case!
  6. RToons

    Burners 101

    Very mean reply Frosty! True I do not know how to tap threads! As a mechanic, burner, welder, Field Artillery Gunnery Sergeant, IT professional and 60+yrs of life I NEVER had reason to utilize a tap other then STANDARD dolly leg screws. Suggesting this is to simple of a question for anyone building a forge lacks consideration and respect for individuals! I guess many can tap like crazy but ask to weld tie downs on trailers, work on a maxi-break without getting their head taken off, Lay in a Howitzer as safety NCO or change a tire and they stare into the deep. Not impressed with your understanding that if tap skill lack they do NOT belong anywhere near a forge!!! Sorry you delete your GOD like standing in TAP eternal knowledge! A good thing to be all knowing on all forging topics leaving you above ANY question you feel is to basic!
  7. RToons

    Burners 101

    I have the .025 or 0.6mm Wire Contract Tip or the MIG .025 tip. I drilled a 1/4 hole and placed threads to ensure I had the correct size. Well they fell through? Driving me crazy! When you suggest a 1/4-28 tread count that seems incorrect or I am going nuts here attempting to tap for these tips to screw in? Any ideas!
  8. Are their any FREE instructions or plans on how to construct a simple power hammer. I has physical issues and very LITTLE expendable cash so I would like to ponder assembling one! I searched this site and found 1 reference by another asking for someone to review his plans but that was NOT productive for me!
  9. Looked at associates forge today! He does NOT forge but STOCK REMOVAL. He buys 1095 Annealed, shapes his knifes, Heats treats with coal then places in oven at 450 for 1 hour lets cool slowly then repeat one more time. He said this is to take brittle out of heat treated knife? Have you heard of this before?

    I am still not sure coal is for me due to it burns quick and I am slow & want to FORGE, ie BEAT with hammer to get frustrations out! LolRof. It seems coal is good for heat treat but for in/out to forge metal seems constant attention to fire is required. Where propane allows as much time as I like to heat/beat/heat, etc...

    One other question: a magnet NOT sticking to heat treated steel just taken from forge will let you know if heat was enough and eady to quench? 

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  10. I need a hobby other then fishing & Hunting due to mobility issues! I selected forging knives, forming steel into shaped needed for gardening, etc... I purchased a welder XXXXXX More then what I need at this point buy wanted option as my skills progress! I purchased an old stainless steel milk can 10'" W 35"Round 19X"H VERY thin wall maybe 1/16" Milk can is by JOHN WOOD CO ST PAUL MN. I Plan to cut the neck off and cut the bottom out! There is a small drain value near the bottom - should I seal that up & cut hole in center for propane pipe feeding? After weeks of reading, searching I believe I need to purchase 2" of some insulation like kaowool or similar ceramic insulation BUT so many selections I am unsure ? Di I also need ceramic fiber board or can firebrick good enough to cover end if needed to keep in heat? Then some heat resistant cement to paint on the insulation and again so darn many suggestions & beliefs? The firebrick is straight forward I believe but any option is welcome! I plan to put up a 10'W x 5'L x 7'H Lean-to made of steel sheeting or galvanized sheeting and am looking for materials I can afford. The floor will be of dirt or fine gravel and steel grate but still thinking. I need more knowledge on creating a SAFE deliver system for the propane I plan to use. The propane will be from a standard 40lb type used for my grill . I watched many videos but it seems they skip the regulator issues. Can I use the regulator from my grill. I have a quick /connect/release regulator that hooks to grill heating system that connects to the propane tank! It seem I can construct a torch that will feed into the forge via regulator from the grill? In any case I need more data on how to accomplish this task in a SAFE way! I do have a very small anvil and purchased a 3' section of railroad rail I plan to mount upside down and use as the main anvil! Could NOT afford a real anvil! Any constructive instruction and references will be greatly appreciated!