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  1. RToons

    Foot control

    I have a shop press stand with a big red 20ton air PneuMatic jack. I am looking to purchase a foot pedal to connect to air compressor IN then connection to OUTPUT to jack. Then another input connection to jack air release value instead of having to turn screw to release pressure. How I see it functioning is press foot pedal to add air to jack then release foot pedal to release air. Seems I need a 4 port foot pedal with 2 inputs and 2 outputs. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am playing with creating a canaster Damascus and have searched topic but failed to find what my question is and NOT sure where to place the question to get input from users. I found canaster Damascus by a search but did NOT get answer to my question. Question: I have 2 potential options: The first one is a 2"x2"x1/8" metal used for scuffling my neighbor ask me if I could use. This issue I have is it is 1/8" think and it seems it would take some time to heat up and get to forging temp. In addition I believe this is high carbon due to the short exploding sparks when I cut it which maybe would be best to use if the inner metal will get hot. The second metal is a 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1/16" steel I salvaged from a weight lifting bench. It seems thin and might melt before the inner metal get to forging temp? Any positive comments or other options I failed to think of would be great.
  3. I utilize a 4.5" grinder my neighbor gave me. It is old but way tooooo much power. I use it to level metal or wood but stopped utilizing it to cut metal because every time I put in a metal cutting disc it snapped and went flying. I have a twitch and that is not good when using a metal cutting disk with real power. I purchased one of those cheap 4.5inch angle grinders and have had NO issues cutting metal or snapped disks when using a metal cutting disc. I guess less power is more forgiving on the metal cutting discs?
  4. I see this is over a year old but I must ask: I noticed this press does NOT utilize the -W- template at the top and bottom of the press so when pressing a canaster it fits into the slots as to contain the canaster sides while pressing. I ask because I just build a press w/20 TON hydraulic & air jack and was thinking do I need a -W- template or just pressing on flat side of canaster just fine? On Forged In Fire their press utilizes the -W- template when forging a canaster.
  5. I was interested to see this fire brick forge. I built several forges at a high cost for simwool, ridigizer & refractory cement. I have a forge made from a small grill and It works great and heats metal as I need. After a year I find I must redo it due to flux & being hit by metal is causing issues with refractory & simwool. I am interested in utilizing this fire brick option w/refractory inside but not sure if utilizing 1 burner what dimensions to use for less waste of propane and great heat. The cost would be greatly reduced when I want to add another burner and less risky NOT utilizing simwool & fibers in the air! Any thoughts like square, round, rectangle would be best? The image below is 3 burner but I had so much trouble getting forge to stay lit and the sucking pressure was dangerous I reduced it to a single burner and it works great
  6. I have build several forges and the one thing I learned is to stick to the Frosty T-Burner requirements[hope name is correct]. I have asked help from day 1 from Frosty/Glenn & others and after a year of positive feed back I ended up with a GOOD working forge. I have only made 7 knifes of truck/car springs & other parts but what enjoyment it is. The handles are another story but I continue on.
  7. Very very Very nice! I have forged my 6th knife and someday I will try the canister. Should a canaster of scrap metal be tried if I have NO power hammer or press. I do it all by hand and a foot rope operated 15lb sludge I call a leg power hammer? My handle making leaves a lot to be desired and I am working towards one day making a handle like yours. I use old Christmas trees and black walnut branches for my handles. I learned to soak them in 50/50 boiled linseed oil & like paint stripper[forget name] a month ago. Cannot profile worth a penny but will continue to try. I was told there is a discussion about handle cracking on this site but I cannot seem to find the correct search combinations to find it. I have splitting issues and want to resolve it. Profiling a handle is my lack of artistic ability. My wife says I am an old man working slow and never doing it to her acceptance.. I tell her thank you for the complement and remind her she is only 2 year younger- OLD ladies why are you going to do?
  8. RToons

    Forge HELP

    I hope you can understand why some of us are finding this confusing and having trouble giving you the best advice. I can see that now. My mind skipped the word charcoal and only saw LUMP and put out the idea I was using LUMP Coal. I will be more specific to aid in a clear understanding of what my objective is and what products including fuels I am utilizing. Thank you for pointing this out to me.
  9. RToons

    Forge HELP

    Thank you Thomas, That is the type of constructive input I am looking for and need. Would 3" base of hot ambers and 2" above steel be enough or should the base of hot embers be thicker? Just about all videos on youtube show a coal forge with no way to have metal inside ember's which Frosty made it clear the metal should be resting on a bed of hot embers and covered by same. I purchased 100% All Natural HARDWOOD LUMP charcoal-there is that word charcoal ? See photo below
  10. RToons

    Forge HELP

    NOT sure where this discussion on charcoal is coming from. I have not used term "coal grill" or CHARCOAL in any of my comments/questions. I went back and read my entries and responses and NOT until yesterday were the words charcoal used and NOT by me. Let me be clear on my objective and understanding of the great responses I have received. I want to use LUMP COAL purchased at a store which I break into ~1x1 pieces to fuel a forge to heat metal to hammer into rough shape of a knifes. I am utilizing a small pickup break drum ~6"round by 5"deep that I plan to cut to allow metal to be inserted into and covered by hot lump coal embers. As the metal is hammered to grow in length I will have a forge that allows the metal to be placed in and covered by hot embers as needed to heat metal where needed. I feel you are NOT giving positive feed back but for some reason criticizing me as a novice individual. I am attempting to build a knowledge base of trial & error with POSITIVE feedback from skilled individuals. All positive feedback is appreciated but NOT feedback to show how one has knowledge I lack. I know some individuals express themselves in a negative way without realizing they are doing it. Please be positive in comments as you assist me in my forging attempts.
  11. RToons

    Forge HELP

    Not sure where you are going with this? I am utilizing lump coal broken into ~ 1x1 nugget size and NOT charcoal.
  12. RToons

    Forge HELP

    I scanned videos on coal forges and almost all have metal above the hot ambers and not directly in the coal embers. As Frosty suggested the metal needs to be in the hot embers of which I have to agree. Youtube is good for general ideas but most are not the greatest for practical applications for a poor retired cheep individuals like myself. I plan to cut about 3" wide and 1/2 way down the break drum where the end result will be as the blade grows it can be put directly into ambers and NOT above them. If working on a small blade I can use cut out metal to be placed back into cutout to preserve heat. I will cut it on an angle so when I need to place it back it will slide into place and not fall out. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  13. RToons

    Forge HELP

    Arkie, I have watched how they make the metal from ore and it was very cool. I also watched several masters and 1 thing they all have in common: having 2 assistances using sledge hammers as the master turns the metal. My 2 sons deserted us and my better half of 40+yrs encourages me but will NOT swing sledge for me! I will spend today on computer after the day of heating & hammering yesterday. I usually takes me a few days to recover and be able to swing a hammer with any metal moving results. Thank you for your assistance.
  14. RToons

    Forge HELP

    Frosty, is the picture below what you were suggesting? EXCITED: 1st time I was able to weld together 11 pieces of various metals. it was 2.5"W x3"Lx2"H and using the coal forge shown below they STUCK and did NOT come apart-WoooooWeeee. Tomorrow or after I recover from using hammer I will reheat and shape into a knife. I must figure out how to get into hot coal once it gets longer & will not fit into hot coal I now have? Any suggestions ? I do not want to cut car break drum but maybe I will have to. Or as PNut suggested use the ground to build a trench packed with sand. That could work. In the picture they are fire bricks cut to fit & a piece of refractory I made a seat for propane forge to rest metal on while heating.
  15. RToons

    Forge HELP

    Thank you Glenn, The air I was unsure about. I have a gas ball value I can adjust air flow . When I had little air it did not seem to burn lump coal to a glowing level. I do not understand your suggestion to use bricks? I have no clumping kitty litter all around the outside of drum to keep in heat so not sure what bricks would accomplish? Should I replace litter with breaks? Question: I heated rebar, pounder into shape, grinded to get shape I wanted and reheated to dunk in oil. Should I do all the hammer work, dunk in oil then grind into final shape? Thinking about cutting side of metal.
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