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  1. Yes Thomas you have it correct if I understand what you did. Today I mixed another small batch of refractory, Put in the pieces I formed a few days ago and applied the cement over the pieces I placed in the forge. I did spray the fiber blanket and previously formed pieces with a light spray of cold water. It stuck to the blanket and pieces because I pushed it up the sides a bit. Now my forge is a little over half done with refractory. When I do it again I will create a type of blister inside the forge, spray it with pam, seal both ends and pour the foundry around the blister so I end up with an inch or so of foundry cement around the propane input hole. All I can say is this was an expensive lesson!
  2. What a mess I did when applying refractory cement. It would not stick to fiber treated blanket and when I added a bit more h2o it slid to bottom. I let it set a bit & spreader it up sides but it would roll off fiber! Ended up with 1/4 coverage of the round forge. At least I have a thick floor to replace the HEAT SINK brick Frosty suggested I get rid of. Lol! With remainder of mix I made thin brick like parts and plan to place in forge up sides & cover with fresh refractory! May take another week to build up coverage & create keystone to hold it all up? Any thoughts? I think I should have formed small sections outside forge, placed in forge then covered & locked in place with a final coat of refractory. Expensive learning curve.
  3. Irondragon: because there is a video I uploaded that is useless and other pictures are mostly duplicates. Mainly to keep things tight & useful.
  4. Does anyone know how I can delete video, pictures, discussion I created?
  5. Frosty: I plan to purchase the refractory cement to coat the simwool but have question will it Stick to the blanket twice coated with rigidizer? Left msg for Glenn asking that question. The other issue is the brick: thinking about cutting in half[half thickness or 1/3 maybe] and applying refractory cement? Just thick enough kinda like kiln shelf thin? And create door /flap on both ends covered with refractory cement with grill kind vents? What do you think?
  6. I did not understand answer from above will it stick to a rigidizer on Kaowool. I have ceramafiber Ceramic Fiber Blanket - Insulation 1" thick. I sprayed it twice with Simwool Rigidizer and after Frosty & others saw my forge they suggested to use this product over existing pictures of forge I showed them & remove the fire brick I now have in there. Will this stick to my existing fiber blanket w/simwool ridigizer. I plan to apply it thick as suggested. You can see my forge pictures on a form called HELP.... I created, Any input you have will be appreciated.
  7. Now just lit forge. At 7psi is video VID_20191025_095905.mp4 VID_20191025_095905.mp4 VID_20191025_095905.mp4 Now just lit forge. At 7psi is video VID_20191025_095905.mp4 VID_20191025_095905.mp4 VID_20191025_095905.mp4 After burning for 5 minutes From side
  8. Another FrankenBurner: The mig tip seems aligned to the center when I look at it when firing. Given what you indicated about sucking spent gases I think for now I will leave as is. I was also considering adding a 1/2 inch setup so I would end up with 2 burners but that is only a thought given I purchased that also? As for the fiber blanket I did spray it good with SIMWOOL RIGIDIZER last year when I started this process. Yesterday I sprayed it again on both sides and edges. I am letting it dry for a couple of days. The fire brick was purchased from a local stone company that builds fireplaces, porches, etc… and weighs more the 8oz but well less then 7lbs. I do not have a scale to weigh it but it 1.5"thick. In a couple of days I will light forge and post a video of it operating. I did add sheet metal inside & out and added bolts to make a sturdy platform for the piping. I appreciate the input and looking towards a fun stress releasing productive forging experience. Mike98118: Not sure what you are indicating by regular "T" fitting, instead of a reducing "T". What needs reduced? The sides are 1" and the piping is 3/4" which I guess could be considered reducing from 1" to 3/4". Given I am just starting I do not understand the finer details of a forge or its construction. All input is appreciated!
  9. Do you think I should go straight in? I do not understand flow dynamics so I wanted to stay with a known element.
  10. Looking at Frosty's PDF and from the photo on page 4 it looks like a 45 and NOT straight in. Not a 90 for sure.
  11. Did you see the new photo I added to the HELP... discussion. I think I followed your T burner plans correctly. It appears to work good?

  12. Pnut, That is the configuration from Frosty's T burner if I understand it correctly. It burns clean compared to my previous configuration. I heated a 1/2 inch round landscape steel spike in about 2 minutes. It got red/yellow hot and I was able to flatten it with 2 strikes. So it seems to do the heating required but I need to play with the PSI. I had it on 5psi. I saw blue & red flame swirls and seem to remember a video as to what the flame should look like so I will need to go back & find that video. I thought the tip was centered and maybe it looks off center in photo but it looks OK to me- then again? I was thinking about changing the T and all piping from 1"x3/4" to a 1/2" x 1/4" because I purchased both configurations at the hardware store? Your thoughts? I have a lot to learn about heating metals and the various types. I did start to look at links supplied above which has some great videos on that subject and others. Just starting but the replies and links will aid my task.
  13. Mikey98118, my error. .035 is the tip. Does this configuration look better?
  14. OK, I spent day on YouTube & this site. After getting very tired I went back to the T burner of Frosty"s and decided I will follow these plans. I went to hardware store & got parts to start again. Only issue is the. 033 tip & configure to attach to or work with T. I am failing to understand clearly although I have an idea how to accomplish. Wish me success!
  15. Thank you, my Sunday will be reviewing these links.