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  1. Thanks that’s the kind of information I needed. Any other tips are much appreciated.
  2. My forge set up is a single burner propane fuel made out of an old air compressor. It gets up to around 2400 f with firebricks in the front. I’ve only ever made mono steel billets so this can idea is a little intimidating. As for power hammer/press situation is non existent. I do everything with hand hammers and an anvil. I know I need compression for the welds to stick but I can do that with a hand hammer right?
  3. I’m getting ready to attempt my first canister Damascus billet. I have an eight inch mild steel can with a bottom welded on. I spent way too much time cleaning enough old rusty nails to fill the inside. I have 1095 powder to fill in the gaps. My questions are... What would be a good way to keep nails away from the cutting edge? Would 1084 powder be a better choice? Would I be better off using less pieces of bigger steel for my first can? Any other tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.
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