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  1. So over the weekend I tried .025, .030, and .035 tips and varying lengths on all of them and the results didn't change. Burns alright outside of the forge but when it gets inside they all have the same flickering or pulsing problem. How can I either get the gas leaner or get more fuel in there?
  2. .0300 mig tips and I think the one in currently is full length. I tried a few different lengths but all had the same results except one super short one had an issue with the flame backing up into the T even when I was igniting it at the bottom in the forge. So if it's running way to rich could that mean while in the forge it's putting out to much gas and it doesn't disperse as quickly and that's what's causing the flickering flame? What should I try to get it to run leaner? Also it is in fact hard firebrick, it was only $4/brick at tractor supply so for getting started it was to har
  3. Video outside the forge, sorry it's dark but gotta love this time of year.
  4. Oh it's for sure been me taking my time since between the burner and forge I've been building and tweaking for a week. I want to get going since I have a temporary anvil stand-in, tongs, metal, and hammer ready and waiting but I want to get it right before I start. The initial design of the forge was only two 4.5" firebricks and it was centered on the rear brick so about 6"-7" from the opening. That distance hasn't changed I simply added a new brick to the top and moved that rear brick to the center so now it's sitting 6"-7" from front and back vs 6"-7" from the front and right against
  5. Yeah I followed a video that sounds like it made a couple changes. When I get off work I'll look up your original and go based on that. What gets me is that I didn't change anything but I actually had it burning good last week. I don't have a video but I have some pics of it running and the brick right after shutting it off, only changes since then are I elongated the forge by 4.5" inches and moved the burner towards center vs the back. Based on what you're saying it sounds like the few inches I moved the burner forward are causing it to be pulled a little.
  6. 1x1x3/4 Tee 3/4 x 6 Nipple 3/4 Merchant Coupler 3/8 Flare x 1/4 MPT 1/4 Flare x 1/8 MPT Union 1/4 Flare Swivel 1/4 Flare x 1/4 FPT Elbow Mig Tip (0.030) 1x3/4 Reducer (optional) Forge dimensions, for inside area, should be 13"x7" with the burner centered. I'll get a picture of it going outside when I get off work this evening.
  7. I built a T-Burner for my first forge I built. The first night I had a rough forge made and the burner built I put them together and ran it for like 10 minutes no problem. It still runs great with a reducer outside of the forge but once I put the coupler on, or the reducer for that matter, and put it in the forge it sputters. The coupler and reducer are flame holders and I don't see it being a fuel delivery issue since outside of the forge it has no issues whatsoever. The regulator I have is 30 PSI adjustable and I was testing from 5-15 PSI with no luck at any area, also it worked perfect
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