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  1. I did take it apart because the it took all of my strength to turn the handle. It was either initially made to be used in conjunction with a motor or it was jerry rigged to work with one. Either way the motor could run the blower no problem but it wasn't practical to use it by hand.
  2. I have a forge blower that has gets that don’t track properly. The larger There is a total of 4 gears. 1 large gear from turn crank, 2 small transition gear, 3 small turn gear, 4 small gear to fan. If you can tell from the pictures the transition gear only mates against the large turn crank gear about an 1/8 of an inch. In addition the apparatus of the large gear won’t sit flush in on the four posts. It may be that a baring is missing that holds the small gear up higher so it mates against the large gear. I’ve tried to include enough pictures to give y’all a good idea of how it should work. Any advice is appreciated. -Will
  3. Willem

    Large I Beam

    It's a gas engine that is "not working" specifically i dont know whats wrong with it. I havent actually opened up the cylinder but all the ports were left open and when I took it by my local welding shop the guy said that the interior of it was most likely rusted out. When I get home I'll probably give it a go and see how bad it really is, but in all reality I think i have a nice big I beam and some junk.
  4. Willem

    Large I Beam

    Thanks, wasn't sure where to put it because I was talking about both power hammers and presses.
  5. Willem

    Large I Beam

    I planned to use it for a hydraulic press but the engine and hydraulics are busted. I'm wondering whether I should go with a press or a hammer, given economics and the size of the I beam.
  6. Willem

    Large I Beam

    Long story short I got a little too excited and bough a "log splitter" that in reality is a hack job with a rusted out piston. Given my materials would it be more economical to go with a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. In my mind I need to take the I beam, put the cylinder on it with a couple dyes, and attach that to a steel plate, which is subsequently put in the ground. However I'm definitely over my head and would appreciate any feedback I can get. My other option is to go buy a working one off of craigslist that is $250 with a cylinder that has a 14" throw. Of coarse I found this the day after I bought the log splitter. Thanks -Will
  7. Alright so after going all over I wasn’t able to find a blast gate and being impatient I decided to build one myself. By all means the blast gate has greatly improved the efficiency of the force but I’m still stuck getting red hot temperatures albeit closer to yellow. I can get a good rich blue flame but again it doesn’t get the metal particularly hot. I’ve searched around both on the forum and google for a detailed explanation of how to tune one of the suckers as well as trouble shooting but to no avail. Maybe you folks can The only other thing I can think of is that I melted some of the Lao wool out when I welded the two halve together and that’s causing an insulation issue. Any ideas?
  8. It being my first forge I followed the instructions a little too religiously in some ways. I cut it unnecessarily in half because it was originally designed for Venturi burners. That’s welded back up now and sealed. The biggest thing besides the airflow supply would be my ribbon burner holes aren’t super specific I just kinda threw crayons in there and hoped for the best. Tomorrow night I’ll check out what one blast valve does to the oxygen mixture in the forge. Once my plumbing supply store opens back up Monday I’ll use that T design. I believe your assumptions about the environment being oxygen rich to be accurate. That blower shoots out a heck of a lot of air, it easily blows out any dust and can knock over my firebricks at the end of the forge. Would you mind elaborating the dragons breath aspect of the fire? Google isn’t much help and a search of the forum produces similar results.
  9. I casted firebrick from castolite and use that at either end, hence the stoppers to keep them from blowing over. I also don’t have a way to regulate air it’s just a shopvac.
  10. I recently completed a ribbon burner propane forge loosely following waynecoe’s design but I’m having some issues with getting it hot enough. A piece of 1/4 in round stock will barely get red hot even if left in for 5 minutes or so. The forge is lined with kaowool and castolite so it should be insulated well enough. In addition I’ve casted Some firebrick from said castolite to act as heat barriers on the end. Im scared to death that I’m going to have to sink more money into this but I assume I will need a oxygen source that I can adjust. The gas supply is a 0-30 adjustable regulator then a ball valve which finally goes into a needle valve. I was getting rebar to start sparkling but XXXXXXXXXXXhad all the gates open all the way. The tank would also freeze up in about 20 minutes. Since then I’ve substantially toned down the propane I’m feeding it. If ya’ll have any ideas it would be tremendously appreciated.
  11. I'm a young kid (15) looking to get into blacksmithing. The issue is that I lack the instruction to do so, as well as a forge. I'm wondering if there is anyone in South West Washington or the greater Pacific Northwest that would be willing to help me out. I have most of the materials to fabricate a forge using a 20 lb propane bottle following Wayne Coe's instructions (excluding the burner (requires welding) and burner parts), however, I'm severely limited by my tools, lacking both a welder, and a plasma cutter as well as a shop of any sort. If there is any way in which someone would be willing to lend me a hand and help me fabricate a forge (I will of course pay for materials costs as well as time) that would be greatly appreciated. General advice or apprenticing of any shape is of course more than welcome. I'm happy to pay in cash or barter (my families owns a creamery) for any services that could be provided, whichever is preferable. My apologies if this is in the wrong directory I'm still very new to the forum. Thanks, -Will