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Forge blower malfunction


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I have a forge blower that has gets that don’t track properly. The larger There is a total of 4 gears. 1 large gear from turn crank, 2 small transition gear, 3 small turn gear, 4 small gear to fan. If you can tell from the pictures the transition gear only mates against the large turn crank gear about an 1/8 of an inch. In addition the apparatus of the large gear won’t sit flush in on the four posts. It may be that a baring is missing that holds the small gear up higher so it mates against the large gear. I’ve tried to include enough pictures to give y’all a good idea of how it should work. Any advice is appreciated.















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1st question. Did you take the gearbox apart?

It is not recommended to take these blowers apart. The gears have a wear pattern from years of use and getting them put back correctly is almost impossible. Not saying you can't do it.

Pictures help but they don't show everything. Keep trying. You've got something out of order.

If you didn't it apart, contact the person who did and ask if anything is missing.

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I did take it apart because the it took all of my strength to turn the handle. It was either initially made to be used in conjunction with a motor or it was jerry rigged to work with one. Either way the motor could run the blower no problem but it wasn't practical to use it by hand.

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I just finished restoring a Buffalo Forge blower. Mine was a little simpler but the same in principle.

I doubt there's anything drastically wrong with your unit. To accommodate reasonable manufacturing tolerances, they used shims to position the gears on the shafts and align the meshing teeth. Find some thin quasi- precision washer/ shims (mine are brass) and start playing with it. Due to the high speed increase, it takes a lot of torque to turn these. A bind anywhere in the gear train is hard to overcome.

Obviously, getting the gears in the right places matter. Hopefully you took pictures you can look at. 

Good luck.


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