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  1. Guys.... You were correct! It was wedged on that stand pretty darn good. Pry tool and a few choice words and it came right off. After I put the wire wheel to sides, horn and base, you can really see the weld marks where the top and bottom halves have been joined. Pretty cool. When I put the boiled linseed oil on, should I lightly torch the sides with the oil or just let it sit? Also... Any chance someone could tell me when it was made? It's marked 100 pounds and the serial number is 214206. Thank you for your help.
  2. Perfect.... Thanks for the advice. That's exactly what I will be doing.
  3. Once I finally get it off the stand, I was planning on taking a wire wheel to the sides and horn. I wasn't going to touch the face at all. That should be OK shouldn't it?
  4. Thanks. I'm still working on how to get it off the stand. There are no obvious weld marks anywhere and it doesn't appear to be wedged on either. Maybe it's being held on with magic.
  5. 10 4.... I will put a bar to it and some heat. Does anyone know if these Trenton anvils came red or did someone paint it red along the way? This one has a reddish hue to the sides and under the horn. There are also numbers on the bottom, 214206. Is that a serial number or does it have to do with weight? I can't weigh it because it's stuck to the metal base.
  6. Thanks Irondragon. I posted with my phone and I think I went past the 30 minute time to resize. It's not letting me. Sorry and I will try to make sure I do that next time. Thank you Stash.... I will give that a try. I hope the square plate it's sitting on isn't somehow attached to the anvil in the center of the base.
  7. First of all... Hello! This is my first time on the site. I just bought my first anvil and thought I would post it. It's a Trenton and it came on a metal base. The base does not appear to be welded onto the anvil, but for the life of me I can't seem to find what is keeping the anvil and base together. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. I am going to try to post pictures.
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