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  1. well i am definatley going to be up at the danbury railway mueseam tommorow. they have a great bunch up there. have fun playing with fire and hot metal :D
  2. if your ever up in danbury ct shoot me off a pm (or a call if i rember to send it to you:D). i volunteer at the danbury rail way mueseam and there are a couple of smiths up there too.
  3. well, everyone said it already, but i may as well. there is a high price of freedom that is often paid in blood. i for one am greatful that people are willing to give their lives for people and keep complete strangers safe and free. and on a lighter note, no drinking and driving. it is the leading cause of teenager deaths in america. have a nice memorial day.
  4. i would use whatever is lying around, but soft woods. go for hard woods like oak, hockory, and cherry (as scales) will work. cherry looks great but what do you want from a knife. set asid some promising wood and dry it out. good luck.
  5. umm as a fellow new guy i would go for punching and drifting. pipe does not have enough carbon for an edge, and forge welding is a challenge. good luck but just punch and drift a hefty bar of medium or high carbon steel. make hooks and tong racks (they come in handy and are easy to make). good luck.
  6. well i read up on the refflinghaus refacing, and it is not much cheaper than a new 100lb anvil. also i have heard vulcans arent the best, so maybe an old kohlswa or something else, but good luck.
  7. wowey! that is a good find, i would not make a knife out of that, i would go for a pucnh or some hot work tools. but, that is just me. air hardening tool steel is a great find. good luck.
  8. new guy

    Can Weld

    swarfmascus is a real keeper for an idea. i may just borrow it and make me a ring or two, maybe even i knife.
  9. i cannot alter voulume, but i have a brake rotor forge, so i used an old tail pipe, i then have a sheet metal 'diffusor' to slow the air speed, but i do not lose any ofthe air being shot it. and i am not increasing anything per say, but the air is not shooting the air out at the speed of the hair works and i am using it alot, so if it fails, i may just put it up as what not to do. and white pine works well with this set up.
  10. ok wil do. i just have to get home from school and finish my homework. but, all work and no play makes you a dull boy :D
  11. the fisher norris anvils (i think) have the weight with only the first 2 numbers cast in. and i doubt i can find them again. oh, well. i will see if i can take pics. i may or may not be in the pics. but if i am i am 6'2" and, is this the right term(?), well built. and thanks. and congrats to you to rob. i hear kohlswa are great anvils. and this things was at least 120. but yeah 18may be part of the year. and this puppy is hefty hefty hefty. well pics and an actualy weight may be on the way, but honestly i don't care about the weight enough to unspike it form my anvil. yes i did hold it down with 4 rr spikes. although, i do love my anvil. man your first real anvil is a memorable experiance. good luck with all of you rsmithing ventures.
  12. does anyone know what tie plates are? i think they are pretty hard. i jsut did a search and no good answers came up. thanks for reading. edit: i read up and it turns ou they are about .80 percent carbon. just thought you would like to know.
  13. that is true, but i have a 2 or 3 foot deep fire and i only have coals about 8 inches in. but, i replaced it with a brake drum forge which works great. but high pressure, and low speed works better, i got this from experience and hearsay.
  14. ok that is good to know. did you use mig, tig, oxy, or some other kind of welder i do not know of? this seems like a really interesting project. and does it ring really badly? or is it like a fisher and almost ring free?
  15. look up the a series tool steel and h-13. both are air hardening. i have heard a really thin 5160 chisel will aire harden, but i do not remember where.