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    Obsession with Organic Chemistry for a few decades. I play guitar. Love lifting weights. Football rocks, go PATS! I have put off learning to weld and working with metal for far too long; so now I caught the bug and I can't help myself but enjoy letting it consume me! Deep stuff. All star treks.

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  1. frazer - that is beautiful. I am gonna try to private message you. Thank you so much everybody, thanks glenn for the info.
  2. daswulf - I should have been all over that auto body shop but I never had the smithing fever like I do now. Never knew I truly wanted. Now that I do I just can't be a 'leach', but he is my roommate... Frosty - Yeah man, thanks for picking me up when I was bummed, same goes for you Glenn, I wanna thank yall.
  3. yeah man, my buddy at the shop is swamped with business. I would love to get a piece of your pie. I don't know what railswitches do, but if it will allow me to use it as an ASO I would be so grateful. 3 ft will work with me, oh yeah. Can you show me a picture or post one cuz like I said I don't know if it's the curvey part of a railline switch or however the proper terminology works out, anyway, started at Wendy's a couple days ago so I gotta check my schedule.( Don't know how you guys have fulltime jobs and get home and hit the forge.) You mentioned a plate, any way you got another piece I could weld to the rail? Nothing big or industrial, just curious. You're the best Fazer. Lemme know.
  4. thanks for the offer man, you're right up a road a bit, so cool. Anyway, is this something that's gonna have to be torched in half or an angle grinder? I'll see what my buddy at the autobody shop's got for tanks and tools.
  5. Irondragon - Yes Sir, I have and 'thought' I understood it. Daswulf - Thanks again; I DID take the first warning to heart as a G rated site and I like that, because my blind autistic nephew loves to hear me tell him what you guys are saying, so I get that. But my posting in the wrong forum didn't just get moved , which I would be cool with, but I got a reprimand for 'spamming' which was at worst an honest mistake. You guys/gals continue to impress me not just with metal but with integrity has anyone ever told yall that? I guess I need to develop a thicker skin and I will own that as my own fault.
  6. MC Hammer and Buzzkill - thanks for the words of encouragement. I worked all day In the pouring rain handspreading shredded mulch and before I even showered I checked this site and my email to get diminished by a site that I TRULY am into. Thanks again, I was about to go find another of the other forging sites...but I will stick around because I DO believe this site WILL make me what I want to become.
  7. thanks guys. I keep getting warned by moderators for this or that. First was cussing and I corrected it. Second was the stump thing that I put in the anvil forum, then after the rock recommendation I started another thread in what I thought was a more appropriate area like the "help me and we'll try to help you" kinda forum. Dude said I was spamming. So I'm a bit frustrated not only at the shoddy search engine on this site but more than that the strict placement of my questions. I know to shut my mouth until I have searched heavily, but agree or disagree I think these moderators are just a bit impatient, they could warn me instead of giving me penalty points which will eventually boot me. Oh well, just gonna keep reading this convoluted site because other than moderators, I respect and appreciate everything all of you have done for me.
  8. Hey justanotherviking, I had considered that my stump was softer than the metal but I REALLY appreciate the link, i'm still trying to figure out this site ; only a few weeks in. Thank you.
  9. I recently picked up a decent sized stump to use as an 'anvil' and have run into a problem. I was working a piece of 90 degree 1/8" x 1" x 5" shiny mystery steel in my jabod forge (without air pump, that comes tomorrow) and was able to straighten it on my stump with no problems (except crazy lungblowing, cherry red) and when I went to form the profile it just kept driving itself into the wood. I was gonna work on something that resembles a knife...that's my problem and I don't know where to go next. Tomorrow when I get my air hooked up and it get's even hotter I anticipate that it will penetrate the stump even more thus I am stuck until I solve this. Anybody got a cheap $ solution? I do not know what kind of wood it is but it is HARD but a bit moist. oh yeah, I was also beating on a largish 6 inch bolt... thanks for your time ladies and gentlemen.
  10. Love it. Essential to beginners.
  11. Strike

    golf club head

    Daswulf - Thanks man, I am only weeks into this and quite bashful. Like you said, just ask; what's the worst that can happen they say no? LOL. I got my stump/anvil just by asking. It's my error that there are literally over 20 bodyshops in maybe my 10 mile x 10 mile town. Sometimes I feel like I would hate to impose on their good stuff like leaf springs, suspension, rotors, the tip to turn NOTHING down because it's not polite for one and may ruin a future source. About beating down a golf club, you are so dead on correct about the shape being weird to work with especially with extremely limited tools, I was using vicegrips after the shaft melted off, and was dreaming of tongs.
  12. Strike

    golf club head

    Daswulf - I'm with you on all of that. Just lemme say I couldn't find any research on golf club heads or other search engines using the "golf irons" and "iforgeiron"; otherwise I would have posted there. I would love to whip out some other steel but at the moment i'm playing for free, and am actively searching for materials. Honestly I was surprised that no one? has even played with the idea; but I am super new so thanks for all your input.
  13. JHCC that's a darn decent idea.
  14. Strike

    Quench oil recommendation

    Thanks JHCC. Makes perfect sense now; still getting used to this site.
  15. Thanks for the input everybody. I rigged up the leafblower to a severed 40 oz Steel Reserve bottle , some duck tape, and used a disassembled bicycle innertube as a flexible attachment to eventually connect to my blower pipe. Love the jabod! I haven't swung a hammer a thousand times yet, nor made anything functional, but i'm happy at how I come closer and closer everyday for free. I still need to add the pipe , which I priced at $6 US today 3' x 1" OD. Don't know what schedule it was but it was some serious feeling stuff (but i'm a newbie). I switched to big chunky charcoal , which took forever to break down / heat up and wasn't able to reach a desirable temperature without additional forced air. Got a nice stump for an anvil for free today and tried to work an 8 iron golf club. MAN THIS IS NO JOKE! This is HARD work by hand with a framing hammer. Got it cherry red but couldn't move the metal very much. Also learning to add 1/8" shaped tool holders to the side of my jabod for hanging tools . Charles R. Stevens, thanks for the tip. Love the innovative idea and it will be done. Frosty, my leafblower can be turned down pretty low, it kinda sucks at blowing leaves but can be adjusted to insanity on the high end. I'm sure the neighbors loved it when I fired it up around 3AM this morning! Daswulf, the little rocks are marble sized and not very numerous at all and haven't killed me so far, but I did some chemistry reading about the whole shebang on the layers of soil and constituents in my region, so I appreciate your concern and response. There wasn't a lot, but even one could be too many if it's got bad mojo. Once I get proper airflow and heat I guess i'll find out but everything is okay so far. And this is my blower rig...hahha so crazy. Maybe i'm the fool but I can live with that. I'm going to continue to try things until I can get past cherry red, or use some steel that I am aware of chemical composition, I researched golf clubs and unfortunately couldn't find what they are, but I guess if I get it hot enough I may be able to move it. Thanks all, I'm trying like heck here to make this happen.