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  1. This is really interesting, thanks for sharing. The magnet method can be confusing for beginners because when austenite cools it generally reverts back to its ferrite form. I like the true false quiz in your document and it was interesting to find out that you can do a spark test to identify if stainless steel is A2 or A4 by looking for orange sparks which indicate molybdenum content.
  2. Maybe someone on here knows how they would examine metals to test the composition? I'm curious to see how metal recycling companies would sort metals, but nothing came up on Google search.
  3. Both the material properties and their structure make it magnetic. Here is a breakdown of their structure: https://www.accu.co.uk/en/p/112-difference-between-ferritic-austenitic-and-martensitic-stainless-steels Arkie, I've recently discovered that cold working Austentic steel (even just bending it) changes the structure of the iron atoms, which turns some of it into Martensitic. So I wonder if perhaps your medical forceps were stainless steel grade 304? Does anyone know if there is a better method of testing stainless steel to see what type it is?
  4. Thanks for the material breakdown. I'm going to visit an old friend this weekend who is going to build a forge for his new workshop. I'm going to see if I can pick up some tips from him and have a go at it too.
  5. What is the difference between ferritic, austenitic and martensitic stainless steels? I've not done much metalwork and I'm looking to get some stainless steel to experiment with. Harry
  6. Hi, Nice set up! I think it will be good to have the videos on your booth. You can tell visitors that the full video is on the website and give them your card (with the website address on it). You could print some forms and have a competition for visitors to enter. Or do a prize draw for people who sign up to your mailing list during the show? You might get more leads and seem less pushy if there is something in it for them. Best of luck with the show.
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