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  1. Thank you guys for your input, I've decided to do a propane bottle forge instead. I'm starting with a singe 3/4" frosty T burner. Which according to my calculations should heat up the space nicely. If I need more heat I can always add a second burner. I have all the materials so I should be building soon!
  2. Ok, I will start looking for a better alternative. What is the problem with ITC 100 as a kiln wash, does it just not last very long?
  3. I am currently working on building a new propane forge. I plan to use two inched of 2600 degree kaolwool, soft firebrick, and coating everything in ITC. The forge will be 12 inches long and use 1 frosty T burner. My plan is to build it an and 8 inch diameter pipe. That would leave me a 4 inch chamber which is plenty big for the knife work that I do, and I have a coal forge for oddly shaped work. My question is, are there any downsides to a small forge other than what you can fit in it? I don't want to use any more gas than I have to so my whole goal is efficiency. In other words, why wou
  4. Thank you. Do you personally prefer an oxidizing flame or a rich one? Just curious
  5. OK, so I have read this entire thread and there are just a few things I don't understand. Firstly, when you say "tune the burner" do you just mean adjusting the length of the mig tip or is more involved? Secondly, would a coupler work as a nozzle or is there something special about the diameter of the thread protector? I really appreciate you for putting this you into the world and for constantly troubleshooting. I wouldn't have the patience for this so all props to you
  6. oh yea! that's great advice thank you, I will try that next time!
  7. yes that what I meant. darn auto correct. and thank you for your advice, I will try to do my welding on a cloudy day next time
  8. I was using 1084 and 15n20 and for my welding heats I stopped working at a bright orange, reduced and back into the forge
  9. Hi guys, I was attempting to make Damascus yesterday. It is o ly my third time so I still dont quite know what I'm doing. On about the third welding heat it started to crumble and the grain inside looked massive there were all these big cracks running perpendicular to the layers. The welds were all good and there was no problem once I cut the cracked section off but I want to know why this happened. I work outside and it was about -10°C and my anvil was cold could the heat difference in the anvil cause this. Or did I overheat the billet. Although I think that unlikely because it didn't sp
  10. I have Steel toed leather boots. My parents are ok with it and my grandpa will help me. And I although I have read some articles about it I am ashamed to admit that the idea of going to a library never crossed my mind.
  11. Thanks guys. I have tried to put in the research and I have spent a few hours on it but most of the videos I found to talk you through it they just show the progress vaguely. As far as ppe is concerned I was going to wear a welders hat, a respirator, a welders jacket, my blacksmith's apron and welding gloves. I suppose I need all the help I can get so I will make some charcoal(lots of charcoal) and there is a creek that runs through town so I guess I will try to run a magnet along the bottom and see what happens.
  12. I have been wanting to try and make my own steel for a while. I have done quite a bit of research and I have no idea what I'm doing. As it stands now, my plan is to build a big 'ol tube out of bricks (fire or otherwise) and cover it in clay-rich mud. Let it dry for a day. Burn a small fire in it for a day. Then the next day load it with coal and have a big fire. Here is where my first question comes in. Would it be possible to use house coal instead of charcoal? J get it for free from a guy who converted his house over to natural gas instead of coal. Anyways it gets hot and it's fr
  13. So, I was recently given a coal forge from a guy who got it years ago but never used it. And he also gave me a small barrel of some black substance. He couldn't tell me what it was only that the man who gave it to him said it was something good for blacksmithing and hard to find. We think it might just be coal. It kind of burnt like it when we hit it with a plumbers torch. But coal isn't hard to find. I have no idea what it is but here's a pic
  14. So, I was recently given a coal forge from a guy who got it years ago but never used it. And he also gave me a small barrel of some black substance. He couldn't tell me what it was only that the man who gave it to him said it was something good for blacksmithing and hard to find.
  15. <split off from another thread> I'm putting this up here because this is kind of morphed into talk about anvils and stuff and I have a question I just finally got my first anvil and it's a total junker but I figure it'll be a good project to try and make it nice again but my question is the Anvil is from Canadian blower and Forge Co and on the side there's numbers that say 0 668 what do the numbers mean
  16. I love my wolf jaws because they are really versatile I can hold round and square stock up to about 1/2 an inch although flat stock is pretty shady
  17. Yea I see what yor saying and I have a piece of coil spring so I might just try that next weekend thanks frosty and I noticed in my other readings you are always helping people so thank you for helping all us new guys.
  18. Thank you guys I will definitely start to think about what shapes I would want. Would it be possible to do a hot cut?
  19. Thank you guys for the advice I currently don't think I have the tools to do that to my anvil (unless it is unbelievably simple in which case you would hopefully inform me) but if I did I would definitely try it out... actually on second thought I might me able to round the edges of part to it to half round.
  20. Thank you guys and I did change it but I still don't understand how it helps. I am not arguing but I just like to know why things work. Is it tla surface area thing?
  21. Ok thank you for the reality check. I am sorry I got a big head for a second there but I am going to try what you said right now.
  22. My problem is that when I have larger projects I am not strong enough to hold it in one hand so I need more of it to rest on the anvil.
  23. I dunno I tried that but right now I like the big surface. Thanks for the tip though.
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