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  1. Salem I think those are rail ties not 4x6 timbers so maybe a bit bigger, I think you can see a couple spike holes and where the plate sat on the top rear tie. Chris Roberts
  2. Have you considered not having it make full rotations but using something to linearly actuate it where it would move up and then reverse to move down to show the movement of the helve. Then you could adjust the length of movement so the dies don't fully contact. Or stage a plow blade or something similar to show how it could have been used in a ag scenario. Chris
  3. Plan is I'll be there with a bunch of wagon wheel wrought iron and whatever other misc stuff I throw together. If you are there stop by and say hi. Chris Roberts
  4. Across the alley from the gas station on my way into work yesterday there was a pile of leftover yard sale kinda stuff with a free sign propped up against it. And what do I spy in the back corner but a 14" Dewalt metal chop saw on a steel stand. Cut off the mangled cord and threw a new end on the good section of cord and she turns right on! part of the adjuster on the back part of the vise is busted off but otherwise just weathered and faded. A chop saw was on the list to buy so this saves me a fair chunk of change and will make processing the wagon rims down to salable sizes for the upcoming seattle blacksmith swap much easier. Chris , Pics tonight I forgot last night
  5. I'd incorporate the wrench in a final solution gives it character. chris
  6. winterbear

    Baby Wilton

    Ok since I am on vises tonight i just wanted to share my last purchase a baby Wilton and power arm jr rotating/swivel base. I love Wilton bullet vises and have wanted a baby for several years and I really think this setup with the power arm base will be super handy. And no I didn't pay full eBay prices. 2" jaws 7 " long these may be the only "cute" tools I own :) Chris
  7. winterbear

    Baby vise

    Ok so here are some measurements of mine. 1. side plates/frame seems to be one U shaped piece 1.5"x 1.5" 2. Bench screw 3" 3. Bench screw bracket riveted to frame and bottom of rear jaw. 2" tall 1.25" back to frame , 9/16ths wide 4. Rear jaw/ top bench bracket. 2"1/8 back of bracket to jaw 5. Peening anvil riveted to top ofbench bracket. 9/16"ths sq 6. Front jaw. 1 7/8" jaws 4" tall 7. Screw box. 1.5" 8. Jaw screw. 3" 9. Jaw bolt and nut.5/8" sq heads 1"- long
  8. winterbear

    Baby vise

    Sure I'll get some measurements tonight. chris
  9. winterbear

    Baby vise

    Here is mine I bought it for $1.26 all I had on me at the time.
  10. Well she weighs in about 155# not as big as I was hoping but I think it was still a ok deal. Here is a pic of the bottom and a U stamped under the heel.
  11. Just got home, looks like some one welded on the side where a name would be and the front feet for #s figures huh . And the heel was torched for those cut out shapes but doesn't seem worse off from a torch hitting it. The good is; face is flat, good thick face plate, great rebound, edge chipping isn't to bad. Bottom has a hourglass kinda impression with a handling hole in the center web. I'll get a weight and a couple other pictures after I eat. Thanks guys Chris.
  12. Going to look at this tonight no weight listed or manufacturer, what I do know approx 10.5 tall 30" long face 3.75 wide. So that puts it maybe 180-200lbs if those dimensions are close. Pretty chipped and the heel has been modified for Horse shoes(clips maybe)? if it is in that weight range it is priced around $2 per lb + or -. I have a decent 125lb anvil not looking other than why not have more anvils and the price is attractive. General opinions would be appreciated . Thanks Chris ok pics dont work from my PC I'll try the phone again
  13. Wilton 600 picture try again worked from phone but not pc go figure huh. Anvil was sold
  14. What drives me to travel 120 miles round trip for rusty iron? The fact that it is a Wilton 600 bullet vise on a steel and concrete stand for $100!!! also got a old craftsman floor drill press and some chicken processing items for the farm chris crap cant upload images ill try again later
  15. Koz , access is almost always a problem on our area of the snake with it all being backwater behind the dams not much natural access that isn'r rock slides ect. It all depends on the access needed really are we talking wheelchair or limited mobility. There are some less used access areas toward me: Central Ferry is ok for limited mobility in several areas, willow landing about the same maybe a bit more for chair access but not alot. Chris
  16. Koz, looks like I may be just up the road a ways from you if you are in the Pomeroy area, I live near Dusty The whole blacksmithing experiance can sure be addictive. Welcome Chris
  17. IMG_0188.MOV Now with video. One at the highest setting and the other you can see me switching between mid range and the lowest setting. Chris IMG_0188.MOV IMG_0190.MOV
  18. Thanks guys but this one has to stay put for awhile. Weighed the empty trailer last night and this hammer+ motor and 1" base plate comes in at almost 2200lbs 350% on shipping would be a killer! Chris
  19. True maybe I'll paint it a better bright color ???? chris
  20. The horrible yellow on the switch box will be corrected as well. It looks really bad with the all black or rust theme going on. Chris
  21. So small update but no video yet. Figured out wiring! I swear the previous owner told me it was wired as 220v turns out nope 110v so in the vein of if it ain't broke don't fix it I ran with 110v and the old Westinghouse 3hp motor purrs away. I hard wired the 12 ft lead the hammer came with and added a vintage switch on the machine so I am not using the breaker as a on off switch. Chris
  22. Well no video tonight. A 50 amp motor just won't run for more than about 15 seconds on a 50 amp breaker and no 60 to be found in the shop. Just long enough to smash a 1x2. But it is in and running (sorta). The height between the dies on the low setting is 2.5 inches and at the high setting is 4.5 inches. Video to follow finding a older square D 60 amp breaker. Chris