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  1. Hofi is taking this trip to the USA very seriously, and If you can creatively find the time, come be a part of this chance to kick up some inspiration and challenge with a strong group of fellow smiths. There are a few more days to sign up for the first Ergonomic Hand Hammer Workshop with Uri Hofi, Oct 9-11. Two weeks to sign up for the second session Oct 16-18, and that will be the end of this bucket-list opportunity to study with Hofi here. All the info is online at www.centerformetalarts.com or call me at Center for Metal Arts 845 651 7550
  2. We will start at 8:30 on October 9. We supply all of the tooling, gloves, eye and hearing protection--though if you have a favorite pair of gloves or ear protectors of your own, pack it with you. The Center for Metal Arts address is 44 Jayne St., Florida NY 10921. Phone (845) 651-7550
  3. UPDATE for A BLACKSMITH'S OCTOBER with Uri Hofi: There is now a wait list for the Toolmaking and the Power Hammer Workshops, and there will be a mix of some fine blacksmiths and newcomers bringing their sculptural and design expertise to learning how Hofi's classes can propel their own work forward. I'm looking forward to seeing the action in these two filled workshops. There is still space in the Ergonomic Hand Hammer Workshops (October 9-11 and Oct 16-18). If you ever wanted to kick your hammer skills into top performance, here is your chance to study with Hofi. There are folks whose car
  4. The Toolmaking Class is filled, and there will be some high caliber blacksmiths attending. There is one space left in the Power Hammer workshop Oct 19-20. Interesting, from the blacksmith's point of view is that Free-Form Forging was picked up by a talented sculptor as a way to further develop the lines of his forms, so I know there will be opportunities to learn from each other as well as from Hofi in the small class groups. The two Ergonomic Hand Hammer classes are filling but still have openings. To encourage folks from a distance to think of coming out, we are offering a "Car Pool Disc
  5. The class will be full days...I'll know exact start and end times shortly. The Hand Hammer Workshop will have one of Hofi's classic hand-drawn notebooks to put down notes and scorch marks :) to remind you later about details of technique. There is more in the notebooks than Hofi will cover.
  6. The Toolmaking Workshop has one space left, and the Power Hammer Class is going too--think of "Free-form forging" as sculpting under the power hammer. There are still spaces for the two Ergonomic Hand Hammer workshops, where you learn how to save your body and forge with less heats. I have seen demonstrators put a piece back in the forge again and again simply because they did not know how to effectively swing the hammer or how to use the hammer and anvil faces to best effect. This is a chance to learn from the blacksmith innovator who recently re-designed the German blacksmithing program, a
  7. Register online at www.centerformetalarts.com or via mail to Center for Metal Arts, PO Box 30, Chester NY 10918 with the workshop(s), your contact info including phone number and email address if possible and 50% deposit. There is also info online about directions/lodging etc. We will answer questions as well via info@centerformetalarts.com http://www.centerformetalarts.com/index.html
  8. The Center for Metal Arts is in downstate NY, in the black dirt farming village of Florida. We are near major interstates Rte 84 and Rte 87, and major airports Newark, JFK and LaGuardia. While the USA is a big place, distance can be a relative thing, as in the past we have had inquiries for Hofi visits from Australia, Columbia and Nigeria. We do respect the energy and effort it takes to attend, and do what we can on this end to make it possible for you.
  9. Since Hofi’s last session in the USA in 2006 he has reinvented the German blacksmithing programs with his innovative techniques, taught and demonstrated in Europe and at home in Israel. Now in honor of Center for Metal Arts founder Ed Mack, Hofi returns one more time to this side of the Atlantic for a celebration of the forge with two powerhouse weeks of workshop intensives, and 5 events to choose from. If you ever wanted to learn with Hofi, if you want to know how to turn your hammer hand into a power stroke, if you want to learn how to make the power hammer more efficient, if you want to
  10. Fold forming is Charles Lewton-Brian's approach to metalworking, using the metal’s plasticity and ductility to make complex forms resembling chased, constructed and soldered shapes from single sheets of metal. Radical changes in cross section are possible in as little as 3-5 minutes. The results are quick and gratifying, and lead readily to new design ideas. The Center for Metal Arts in NY is giving an ongoing series of workshops in beginning and advanced Copper Fold Forming. See the calender for upcoming workshops or go to www.centerformetalarts.com.
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