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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Just an update, I found a wall-mounted pet gate when I was searching online. The dimensions seem to fit my workplace.
  2. I am planning to build an indoor gate for my dog. I want to keep him off my workplace because. Which is better, the free-standing or the wall-mounted one?
  3. No luck at all. I think I need to get a good burner before the forge.
  4. Preferably, I want a gas forge that has open end ports. It would also be best if it has a hinged top as well. I will use it for general blacksmithing.
  5. Guys, I'm planning to buy a propane forge. Do you have any recommendations?
  6. I agree. Aside from this, the Japanese sword blades are forged with different profiles and varying amounts of grind. They also use a mixture of clay and water in between heating.
  7. Well, 5160 is a very tough steel but it's very fast to rust.
  8. For general household use, I think a 4- to 5-inch vise is large enough to handle most tasks. This measurement is for the length of the jaws.
  9. Did you do the Tempering Temperature around 220 deg Fahrenheit?
  10. Colopast

    Tong obsession

    Yeah. It can be used for creative some creative stuffs.
  11. A small veining gouge also helps in outlining the design.
  12. You're right. Sledgehammers are good anvil substitutes since they are strong enough to forge most things. Or you can go f or a London-pattern anvil.
  13. Looking nice. I personally like the leaf. The details are so precise. Thumbs up for this
  14. I meant to say that the sledgehammer head can be used as an anvil.