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  1. Amazing.... never thought anybody would drink wild cherry Diet Pepsi... oh yah, nice anvil too
  2. Yah im not going to add a actual pin to it, maybe even just a little alligator clip or something small. Luckily they're passed the age of sticking things in their noses or mouths (other than their fingers). I'll get a good template set up tomorrow and scrounge up something to make them out of.
  3. Thanks a ton for all the advice, in my head I thought I was going to have to forge something. I think I just overthought it. Now I'll have to scrounge up some material to use to make the badges, I really like the looks of the circle with the star inside, I even found printable stencils on the internet that I can just trace out the pattern, I'll try getting some pictures this weekend if I make any progress on it.
  4. My 5 year old daughter wants me to make her a police badge... the ones we looked at in the store were the old star shaped western style badge. I'm thinking the star shape will be too difficult to make for me so I was leaning toward the shield shape badge, has anyone attempted to make anything like this or have pics of home made badges? Doesn't have to be perfect of course, id like to make one for my 3 year old son too. So far the easiest thing I can think to start with would be a lawn mower blade. Suggestions wanted!! dan
  5. For start ups I turn the dial to full power and then just push it in to turn it on, so its full juice when the motor turns on as if it was just on a regular switch. Not sure if that will prolong the life of it or not, like to think that it would. I guess I have lots of options for things to use, the light dimmer switch was $4, over the last 2 summers of changing things around with the forge I probably have about $10 worth of stuff, including the welding wire that I used to make the stand for the forge. If I can just make the threaded rod snakes look a little better I bet I could make my money back on the forge! Dan
  6. I use a 2" flex pipe from an old pellet stove that goes into black iron pipe, I could easily rig up something on the flex pipe to divert/control airflow with a gate of some kind, just figured the dimmer switch would look all professional and such
  7. Yah I figured it'd be hard on the motor, can get my hands on another one easy enough, will still figure out a cheap way for an air gate tho.
  8. I may be easily impressed, but I use a power vent from a propane furnace for my airflow on my forge and quickly found out that it was pushing too much air and getting the forge hot enough it was hard to work with. So, here's the dimmer switch I put on the power vent to control my airflow, again, I may be simple but I'm real happy with it... now if I can just find somebody near me to show me how the heck to make stuff and I'll be all set. Dan
  9. Arkie that's exactly what I was looking for, little bigger than I was looking to get but that convinces me that's the route I want to take.
  10. You have a fabric material carport over your forge? I have a cheap $100 10x20 fabric carport over my boat, I have to keep shoveling snow off it all winter or the poles will surely snap. guess I'm surprised tr heat doesn't melt anything, guess 10' high is high enough then
  11. Was thinking about placing a steel carport over my forge/anvil area. Just curious if anyone else is doing this? Does the smoke just hang under the carport or does it filter out? Will I need a hood/chimney? We've had over 35" of rain here in upstate ny this year, not giving me enough time to do anything! heres a pic to give an idea of what I'm working with. The forge I can move, the stump is buried a foot in the ground. Dan
  12. You'd be surprised how hard it is to re attach the roots on those things!
  13. Stump buried in the ground about a foot. Doesn't get more solid than that.
  14. Ya know... I was thinking the same thing, would be kinda neat to see!
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