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  1. I have a smaller propane forge, about 30 pounds, that I'm going to build a portable stand for. I plan on taking it to meetings of my local blacksmith group. It'll have detachable legs and I'm consider a 3 legged tripod design with 2 in front and 1 in the rear. I'm thinking that be easier to stabilize on uneven surfaces. ie gravel, dirt, etc. Any reason not to use a tripod design?
  2. Generally speaking most of the FSBC meetings are around Paola.
  3. Not sure how close you are, however you might consider attending our next meeting of the Free State Blacksmith's Club https://www.facebook.com/events/1585098061647913/
  4. Thanks Direwolf! I may message you directly if I have any other questions while I’m working to rehabilitate it
  5. Would you measure a couple of things for me? I'm wonder how tall it is for the mounting bracket and how far out from the forge the mounting bracket is at the top. Id like to get it as close to the original position as possible. Thanks!
  6. Here's my new project. I think its a Champion No2 Lever Forge. It's minding the yoke for the lever so I'll have to fab something up. Does anyone have one of these? I'd sure like to see some detailed photos of the yoke.
  7. I ran on to plans for this stand online and I'm linking the adjustable height. Has anyone ever used one? BGCM Anvil Stand
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