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  1. Well let me know what you guys and gals think, in all honesty this is my first leaf I've ever made and this is th wife's birthday gift
  2. The blades are on the smaller size but the handles seem to fit my hand pretty well but I might just have a big hand
  3. The handles are Chinese chestnut and the blades are machinist files and I oil quenched them and put them in my oven at 400 degrees for 90 min
  4. How you like em yall, I think I'm getting better
  5. Do you guys leave live pistol cartridges around when grinding and forging lol, no offense (forgingnoob) but I would take those off the work bench. never know what could go wrong there lol
  6. I drilled holes in the pan big enough to remove clinkers and the the "T" is there because I didnt have a elbow laying around and used what I had and by the way the fire looks so good because of alot of reading here on the site and thanks again frosty
  7. I'll take any criticism good or bad, it helps in the learning curve lol but yes I do have an ash dump in the T on the inside of the bottom barrel, by the way I was toying with the door in the back idea but thanks for the advice BTW don't mind the wife's hair dryer
  8. Well what do y'all think of the new forge build
  9. I've been reading through these topics and it seems a lot of people need welding tips, well I don't mean to brag but I'm a certed master MIG and TIG welder with over 7 years experience in the field, I know all positions and every joint weld you probably could think of including the settings the machines need to be on to weld correctly, my friends tell me I could TIG weld aluminum foil in hurricane winds but if y'all need any tips that don't have answers shoot me a PM, just trying to help I love to weld its one of my passions and would love to answers questions just putting it out there for y'a
  10. Sorry I'm still new to using anthracite I mostly use charcoaled wood and propane but that coal burns extremely hot and I torched the end of 2 knives completly off guess I'm going to have to get used to the heating times from forge to anvil lol
  11. Don't use tractor supplys nut coal use the rice coal burns with a better fire ball and hotter fire
  12. Thanks for the reply guys I was thinking bout mixing it with my wood charcoal but bout to find out how it works today
  13. Is nut coal from tractor supply good for forging and forge welding also has anyone used it before BTW it is anthracite based
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