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  1. I just was looking at some stuff on there page the other day!! You involved any with them Charles?
  2. warfab

    new hunter

    i dig it man nice job! woodwork looks great! thats another step i need to get into learning! as well as the edge sharpening!
  3. Sup guys! I have been a welder/fabricator for many yrs.. *see intro thread for some work ive done* so im not so knew to fire and hard work.. i seen a youtube vid of a guy making a knife from a coil spring... so i said what the XXXX. i got a hammer/railroad track/oxyacetylene and a little determination so i took after it... I used my oxy acetelyne torch with a brazing/welding tip size 2 with the normal 40/8 lb ratio i know for a fact i did all things wrong but i had TONS of fun doing it! I completely did the flattening and taper on the handle with alot of heat cycleings! im in the process of finding some insulation for my coffee can so i can start really forging... thanks for everyones threads ive read and i look forward to adding to the information you guys help people with! I wish you would have read the rules, especially the part about language. Thank you
  4. Amazing work! I agree the red does throw you off haha!! What gauge sheetmetal were you using!? I use a shot bag for my sheetmetal work but I'm using 18g and thinner! I start on the outside edge and work my way to the center to get a domed shape while using a Delrin mallet
  5. whats up guys! A fabricator. Welder from Ponca City, OK looking at learning the art of smithing here is some of my fab/welding work i also attached a few of my 'smithing' trys... by that i mean heat with a oxy/acet torch