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just finished this guy up today, made from 0-1 tool steel. its not perfect by any means but should make a nice hunting knife. i'll get some more pics tomorrow after i get another coat of oil on the scales and get the kydex made for it.

i left the blade pretty rough but i figure since its going to be used to gut and butcher deer anyways so will probably get scratched up anyways. the scales are made from some figured maple that i saved when we were cutting up firewood. i was surprised at how hard that maple was, guess they call it HARD maple for a reason.  Ended up having my drill bit drift a tiny amount which threw the pin holes off for the handle scale (the first one fit perfect but it turns out you need a scale for both sides of the knife and not 2 for the same side LOL)which caused a slight gap at the back where the thong tube is but owell, All in all i think it turned out decent for only using a filing jig,spindle sander and a 4x36 grinder.



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thanks! the wood working is the hardest part for me, i tend to go to fast and ruin things. the woods not perfect but i didnt try to "fix" it by ruining it this time so im happy lol. figure as long as i learn something from the mistakes its all good.

 as for edge sharpening i cheat and use a lansky sharpening system to get an even grind. after a while i got used to feeling the grind though so i dont use the guide too much anymore except for establishing a grind on a new knife

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alright so a little update, i sharpened it and then decided to do a mustard patina on the blade(i should have sharpend last <_< ). i also made my first kydex sheath, it took a couple tries to get it somewhat right and im pretty happy with it as of now (im going to clean up the edges on a belt sander when i get access to it). i also christened it by slicing my finger open on it while cleaning the third and final coat of mustard off of it. now i just have to make a belt loop and try it out....on something besides my finger lol 






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