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  1. Thank you. The problem I have is specifically with punching the eye for a hanging strap after the twist. If I try to punch the hole afterward I end up either denting the handle on the bolster or flatten out the points on the twist. This one I dented and drew it out a bit to try to planish out and hide the dents. The angle I took this picture at hides most of it. Although the need for a hanging strap on a tool with a glaringly obvious hole to hang it from confounds me, they sure sell better with one.
  2. I'd like to know what moderator edited my post, and suggest they check with an attorney before booting me. Nothing was edited, a comment was added to your post as a warning, which you failed to follow, that is it, Good bye. You blew it. Have your lawyer call us. Our lawyers rates are $500 hr, have your Credit Card handy to pay her, and remember the ban was your idea.
  3. If you have a "self service" wrecking yard near you, you can usually just walk around and find them laying on the ground. The closest one to me charges $10 for the spring and like $5 to get in. Otherwise you can check Craigslist etc for people parting out an old vehicle. I hate it when you forget a step on something and mess up your piece trying to do it later. Case in point, I forgot to punch this for a strap before I did the pinapple twist and dented the crap out of it trying to punch afterward.
  4. Jim, thats how I'd ultimately like to be set up once I have a dedicated shop space.
  5. That's cool. Do you have a picture of the whole unit?
  6. You know, I can build a house, build a car, even repair some of my audio recording gear, but I can't do so much as sew a button on my shirt without it coming back off in a few days. lol
  7. Tomas Powers often references how you can replace a vise spring with mild steel. I've never done it, but is a very simple spring and it kind of highlights the idea.
  8. I'd lay a handsome wager you've never seen a spring steel stocking hook.
  9. "Tempering" is unlikely to effect that one way or the other. Most likely cause would be forging errors.
  10. I might suggest then that references and citiations for a *school project* be limited to persons who lived with the period of historical record. I would also like to point out the sites guidelines ask us to refrain from talking about religion. Tubal Cain, Adam/Eve never should have been referenced at all. While I can site other references on Tubal-cane, I will instead warn you to behave or you will be shown the door. YOU brought up religion, Glenn the OWNER of this stie where you are a guest, mentioned historical persons that have been credited by a few sources. Your definition of Historical record is off a bit as well, as will be your access if you dont knock it off.
  11. Ian, that's what triggered me to ask. Like I said though, it needs to be mobile. Frank, most of my tools are in the 12" long range. Tin cans are hard to find in a usable size.
  12. I'd seriously reconsider this. I would *not* trust the quality of those welds at 1440rpm. Your weld prep is non-existent, and flux core wire is ill advised for this under the best of situations. Your backing isn't going to be stable enough to resist the centrifugal force of the blades which will drive them into your housing at speed and *really* test your welds. Not to mention those blades will effectively be little more than tissue paper trying to move air at 1440rpm. Why not just use a motor/squirrel cage from a preexisting fan setup? Or even find a squirrel cage from an automotive application and fit it to your motor?
  13. I can't count the number of times someone has asked me for "X" number of items for a set and I've had to make several extras to make them all look like they were made by the same person. Lol Usually what happens for me is the last one is a lot more refined than the first. Both look fine and stand well on their own but will have some texturing differences or something.
  14. So long as its solid who cares. You should see the look on people's faces when they ask for something and I pull out some nasty bent rusted piece of scrap out of my bin. Most of my tooling is made from really ugly looking scrap I found buried in my backyard. Lol