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  1. When I was in college I bought a 1974 Chevrolet K5 Blazer for $400. Fixed it up and put a lift on it. That is where the Big and K5 come from. Bama comes from Alabama cause that is where I live. Roll Tide!
  2. I live very close to Tannehill State Park. I live two exits down 459 in Hoover. It is a good place to learn, I just can't find any time to get out there on trade days.
  3. Hey guys. I need some help. I am wanting to make an outdoor chandelier for a friend of mine. I have some 4in flat steel that I want to use for it and I need to make a circle about 3 1/2 to 4 ft. in diameter. I do not have a ring roller but I do have a torch, anvil, and welder. I was thinking about finding something round that I could rap the bar around and then weld it together but I am having a hard time finding anything that size. Are there any suggestions on what I could use or any other ways this can be done. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Rush
  4. Hello all, I wanted to remind everyone to be sure and claim your Long Distance Telephone Excise Tax Credit. This is on page 2 of form 1040. This is a one-time credit for federal excise taxes charged to us by the government. It ranges from $30 for one excemption to $60 for four or more excemptions. Hope this helps. Rush
  5. I wonder what that massive ring was used for?
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that I passed the CPA exam. I am now a Certified Publie Accountant. A lot of prayer and preparation went into this. It has been a long time coming. Now all I have to worry about is 40 hours a year of continuing education. This is a very exciting time for me and my family. Rush
  7. I saw that a couple of weeks ago. Simply amazing.
  8. That is scary. Has anyone ever had a chop saw disc come apart on them? I have not but I have seen it. It will make you check that disc everytime you use it. Be Safe! Rush
  9. I can relate to this situation. My brother-in-law, the younger of the two, is scheduled to deploy to Iraq sometime in late October, early November. He is a 2nd Lt. Ranger so he will be on the ground. My other brother-in-law, the older one, has already spent one year in Tikrit. He is an Apache pilot and got to see a lot of action. He was scheduled to go back in October of 2007 but just found out he was accepted into the masters program so he will be starting back to school instead of shipping out. God surely did answer our prayers. Now we just need to pray for the safety of my younger BI
  10. Thanks for all the great info guys, very helpful.
  11. I read in "The Blacksmith's Craft" by Charles McRaven that you can use old motor oil to quench steel and it will turn it black. It said in the book that it would probably catch fire. I have not read anything on this site about using motor oil. I have used it once to do some bolt heads for a mantle I was building. They turned out great and the wife was very happy. Just wanted to what you guys thought about this method and is there a better, safer way to turn the steel black? Thanks, Rush
  12. Clarke - My brother-in-law is an Apache pilot. We went to Ft. Rucker to visit him while he was training and got to see the Apache and Longbow up close. Those are amazing machines. I would hate to have on of those monsters target in on me. He showed me some footage from his tour in Iraq and the technology on those things is so advanced that you can see the stubble on the enemy's face from the onboard camera system. Simply amazing. Scrapman - you are close, maybe we could get together sometime and you could show me how this is all done. Later guys. Rush
  13. Just wanted to say that I am amazed at the amount of useful information on this site. I have been reading through a lot of the old posts and blueprints to catch up on what I have missed. I have also been reading about forges and other tools that I am interested in. I am learning so much. This is a great site. I plan to post some pictures of my shop and tools soon. Thanks for all the information. Rush
  14. Hello all. Just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. I have been visiting this board for about a month but this is my first post. I live in Hoover, Alabama which is a suburb of Birmingham. I am married to a wonderful woman and we are expecting our first child in April of 2007. Very exciting. I am an accountant and I work and my father's firm and my wife is a first grade teacher at a local elementary school. My interest in metalworking/blacksmithing started when I was in college at the University of Alabama. I purchased a 1974 K5 Blazer that needed restoration. It had a sig
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