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  1. So everyrhing works but looks like I need to do a small repair. I did clear enough paint to read it was made by H Blundell co and pat. 1871 And also counted 4 leads(if I counted them correctly)
  2. Got it! And a bandsaw while I was at it
  3. This guy is actually closing down what i think is a jewlery shop haha Actually he also has a kick press cheap... Any good use for those?
  4. Im leaving in 30min to get it haha, dont worry Any guess on what size it is?
  5. How many leads would be good? And yeah haha that was my thought too! Worst case easier to use a touch mark, best case it can move some metal for me... The price is hard to pass up
  6. So, a fly press showed up for 100 online near me and tommorow im going to go see it and ideally buy it. I don't have a make, or size all I have is this picture... Does anyone have an idea about any detials of it or anyrhing I should check before handing over my money?
  7. What if for the large grinding wheel you used a ton of abrasive grit and jaut enough epoxy to held it together?
  8. making them does seem interesting.... and maybe i will try that too, although while maybe not as practice, finding a natural one in my area just sounds... satisfying haha. as far as making on though... that does make me wonder about making a large artificial stone for an old style grinding wheel.... oh great now i have another project to think about haha!
  9. this particular piece while not very fine doesn't seem to be too coarse, but ill get a better idea of it once i get it to a flat surface, worst case scenario though i have a stone to flatten other stones with haha I just sent them an email so I'm curious what they will say.
  10. i got lucky that the piece I found was a nice flat piece that split off but the face needs a little flattening to get to sharpening stone flatness, i also have a piece about twice this size also pretty flat that i split this piece from so it it has any good use for me, i may have a nice large stone to play with in the end. and that is my guess on the type though based on description, pictures and the fact that it is a primary rock type in the formation this land is on. I plan on contacting my local group this week to see what knowledge and resources they would be willing to share or trade
  11. after so searching of geological data this seems to me to most likely be Graywacke ...a dark gray, firmly indurated, coarse-grained sandstone that consists of poorly sorted angular to subangular grains of quartz and feldspar, with a variety of dark rock and mineral fragments embedded in a compact clayey matrix having the general composition of slate and containing an abundance of very fine-grained illite, sericite, and chloritic minerals. This category is also used for graywache.
  12. So, found another rock that split nice and flat that seems to have a pretty consistent grain to it, but unlike the last one this is much much harder...
  13. yeah it is steel faced cast iron, but in a few places you can see the line of where the face plate is, and ideally i would have done the same but there are come cuts from chisels in it that would make sore very noticeable marks in any work, although I don't plan on doing much more to it. I just wish whoever repaired the edges in the past did a better job with the welding haha... they left a few small gaps on the face and the bottom edges of the welds were pretty ugly, the face feels solid though and wow is this thing quite compared to my peter wright
  14. I definitly wouldn't mill or weld on it myself but I have done some light grinding to clean the face a little(didnt remove any serious metal though) I dont mind normal dings on it but a previous owner aparently thought an anvil was the perfect place to use a cold chisel... I did check though and I seem to have have a plenty thick face on it
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