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    Outside of Springfield, MO...out in the sticks
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    I am blessed with a happy marriage, and two little ones, oh yeh..and some dogs!
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    Shooting (longrange & pistol), primitive skills camping, and knives.
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  1. OK, so its fine to go barefaced when forging with charcoal in a well ventilated area in a steel forge, but when grinding or sanding it is probably a good idea to wear a dust mask......
  2. OK I understand that you need to wear a respirator when forge welding, and to stay away from galvanized metals and zinc, period. But what about when I forge (charcoal), or use my belt sander and grinder? Do you still need to wear one? I have yet to see anyone use them yet in a video while forging, but I want to make sure. Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks! Yes, I did all the leather work myself. I live outside Springfield, MO....about 30 miles southeast. I need to change that on my profile!
  4. I was able to get the sheath done today so I will be shipping it off tomorrow...after I get to play wit hit a while first! Take care, Jim
  5. Hey folks, last year I came up with an idea that I wanted to try, and I just got done with the result! I really like the Khukuri style blade but I noticed that I really did not use the point very often, also I am really a fan of the chisel point....so I combined them both in a large chopper. The forged blade is a tad over 10" long, out of leafspring with a convex grind. It has a matt finish and is differentially tempered and has a cooking pot notch near the tip and a fire steel striker on the back. The full 6" grip has an exposed tang in the back with a lanyard hole, and the 1/4" SS tubing holds the home made micarta in place. The GoTo is tapered front to back and is a little over 1/4" thick in the center. I will be making the leather sheath next, but I thought you folks would like a little blade porn! You can watch the entire process on my youtube channel (laneakjt), I will be posting video #10 on this blade tonight! Take care, Jim
  6. Saiga308

    Little EDC

    Great job, that is a very classy blade!
  7. I love the grip, very practical, and beautiful!
  8. Nice setup! I like the anvil, what kind is it?
  9. That was fun, just one question... What did them poor jugs ever do to you??? Ha! I have been at war with jugs of water so long, to tell the truth I forgot what started it.....but I am sure it was there fault! LOL The specs on this blade are right here: http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f14/i-forged-khukuri-7588/ Thanks for the kind words folks and I am glad you all enjoyed it!
  10. Hey folks, I had some time on my hands the other day and made a youtube video of the Khukuri I made a while back doing some chopping. Check it out and let me know what you think! YouTube - RockFarm Khukuri chopp'in fun
  11. Hooks, some spiderwire, sinkers, needles, awls, ferro rod, and a razor. Basic stuff but good to have!
  12. Hey folks, I was going to take it easy today, but this blade kept whispering in my ear..."I need a sheath, it won't take long....come on..." So here it is, my new camping setup, Kydex sheath, that holds my SAK and diamond stick. Plus my mini-kit in a waterproof snuff container. I used a semi-rough leather for the belt loop and the leg strap, it seems to hold itself in place pretty good. The leg strap has Velcro riveted and glued into place. Enjoy the pics!
  13. yes they were discarded, my Wife is a heck of a good shot!:o
  14. I was trying to somewhat copy the hardness of the traditional khukuris by leaving the spine and handle soft. I used hot motor oil in a deep tub and sunk in about an 1-1/2" up from the edge, leaving the spine and handle out for a while. I have not got to try the draw temper yet, but I sure want to! That is one of the things I find so cool about this site, what ever you want to try to do, some one here has one or two or three ways to accomplish it. The amount of good info here is huge! Thanks for the kind words folks, when ever I get the kydex sheath done I will post it up as well.
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