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    on the eastern side of Mt Tumblebee (Ok Australia)


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    on the eastern side of Mt Tumblebee
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    Was dropped on my head as a young child, been keen on being a smith ever since.
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  1. Hi Phill

    Beaver here again i have decided where in my work shop im mounting my 2 CWT inslide Massey hammer I am going to mount my anvil on two thicknesses of 12 mm thick new conveyor belt and i think i will put one layer under the hammer body on top of foundations. I am also planing on using conveyor belt around the edge of the hole to isolate my floor from the hammer foundation/anvil block. The plan is to have a hole 2000 long 1500 wide and 2000 deep which is 6 cu metres. What are your thoughts thank you Beaver

    1. BeaverNZ


      Changed my mind and Im now doing two piece mount/foundation on some sort of isolation 

    2. forgemaster


      Hey Beaver, never done a 2 piece foundation, so I am clueless.  I did remove my spare 5cwt from a 2 piece foundation/inertia block, it seemed to move around a lot more than I would have expected.

      Good luck.



    3. BeaverNZ


      Thanks any Phil Cheers Beaver

      Hey just another thought is that your workshop forgemaster on Youtube with 5CWT massey hammer working looks good, Powerful machine

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