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  1. Built this little bugger in about a day. Its bed is made from two, 24" pieces of 1 1/2" angle iron, welded to an angle iron foot at each end and drilled for mounting to a bench. The headstock is made from 3/4 plywood and oak boards, the spindle is the spindle from a toro lawnmower deck that my brother's wife destroyed and he gave to me to "make something with it". It turned out that its threads were the right ones to hold this cheapy little 3" three jaw chuck i had around. The motor is a 1/20hp 1500rpm fan motor from a walk in cooler and the drive is from a vacuum cleaner flat belt between two
  2. Sorry for not responding to any of the above questions, but my old phone wouldn't let me view ifi soon after posting this and my laptop had a real hatred for the forum as well and would let me make posts but not replies. Ive since gotten new of both and am able to post here once again! As a response to some of the above questions: It worked as it was on smal stock (up to about 3/4 square) but hit too lightly and would cause edges to mushroom. I haven't had much time to redesign it but ive upped the power to a 3/4hp motor, added a jackshaft to reduce the sleed and move the motor
  3. Well this has been a project that Ive been wanting to do for quite a while now and I'm glad to say it is finally finished. Its inspired from the pictures of a few compact DePew helve hammers i saw pictures of as well as the Hawkeye helve and a few others, as well as some of my own ideas. I was originally going to build a spare tire hammer but couldn't wrangle up the parts, so i looked around the shop at what i had and what space i had to work with. I still intend to build the tire hammer at some point and there are a few parts that i purposely avoided using in this build in order to save them
  4. well that makes me think though, say you had a bunch of 1'' thick plate, 8'' wide on hand, cut those to the correct length and stacked 8 of them, then welded the edges together before putting the actual die mounting plate on the top. Would that work as though it was a solid 8x8 block of steel? because then there is no parts moving around to absorb or dissipate the force being put into them, same question goes for a stack of, say 40 ea. 1'' plate discs 9'' in diameter stacked and welded into a large block just tossing that possibility out there
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