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  1. Last night I finished my shop setup and didn't have time to install a gate. Late that night, my dad spotted a pair of thieves dressed in black. He shouted and they bolted. We waited and they came back twice. Finally, we just took tools into the garage and bike locked the anvil to the stand. Have to get a fence up soon. Sad that I can't feel safe about leaving my shop without anxiety.

  2. I recently visited a smith who had trained with Brian Brazeal. He told me to practically hold the hammer head, but, he had a REALLY long handle.. why? If there is a reason it isn't 7-8" long and huge at the end to prevent slipping, i would love to know it. Thanks!

  3. Firey Furnace Forge has a 4.5 lb Brian Brazeal style on the E-++y site for sale, buy now...I recently purchased a 4.25lb he and Chase Saxton forged from that site and can say it is definetly a really nice hammer.

    what is E-++y?

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