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  1. I read a heat treatment book section on Nitriding and it said very few select alloys such as the 41xx series can do it. It said that it is a process of creating a file hard case on the metal. How this ruin it? And excuse me, I meant to say that it puts NITROGEN on the surface, not hydrogen.

  2. This has been bothering me for awhile, if the idea is to tilt the hammer for different radiuses, why fuller and make the hammer longer. doesn't this make you have to turn your wrist more? Is there a reason for the lengthening of the hammer? I have not found anything about this in particular.

  3. Every smith is different, and i want to know your favorite material for knife or sword handles. Personally, I love cocobolo and ironwood. I have noticed cocobolo seems to be big, but have also heard that aspen can be cool. What do you like to do?


    side note, how do you affix them? pins, glue etc.


    cant wait for your responses!


    Pics if you can!


    Ironwood: (not my picture) 


    Copyrighted photo removed.

  4. I have seen a video of a hammer head exploding from stress. Don't think EXPLOSION as an exothermic reaction, but as a physical stress reaction. a deep crack can make the hammer head shatter and shoot pieces away at near super-sonic speed. (explosion: a sudden, rapid, or great increase.) this is a mechanical failure front. yes, it can happen. I have experienced this FIRST HAND. I accidentally hit the edge of my anvil and the antique hammer i was using shattered. Since it was over the edge of the anvil already, Only my pinky was hit. I am not making this up. Be careful and understand that I actually do know what i am talking about when I post things. mkay? thanks.

  5. Beautiful hammer, but cracks can literally make the hammer head explode. if the chip has fallen off, its ok. if there is an actual CRACK, do not use it.

    If you want to use it, grind the face to a mirror finish, or close to it. you want it nice and smooth or you will leave marks in the piece.




    We encourage children to learn and take part, but please try to post facts, not nintendo game information

  6. If you ever see a picture of an old blacksmiths shop, you will find an entire army of hammers. Each has their place, and you want the most you can get (excluding claw hammers.) but, as some will say, including me, rounding hammer with a slightly more radiused face than bought condition.

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