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    Press pump problem??

    I would recheck your wiring both on your motor and your solenoid and limit switches if you have any. From what you are discribing. It sounds like it sparks when you activate the solenoid.. Your motor is insulated from your press with the wood frame it is attached too.. The sparks you see I'm assuming is coming from the pump/spider/motor contact point.. Its creating a ciruit and is either traveling from the motor to your press or from your solenoid/press to the motor. (traveling through your hydraulic hoses since they are wire reinfored it is possible for them to contuct electricity) I would guess some where there is a wire crossed or touching another wire or metal frame. Your motor does have a ground wire hooked up? Jeff
  2. I've done the Vise grip trick as shown above.. Also made a handle out of a shaft collar welded to a round rod.. I think the Vise grip is better and actually easier to adjust. If you find you like the air chisel.. You might want to get a rivet gun. They have a "feather trigger" and you can control how hard/fast you hit with them. Jeff Tice
  3. jeffery71

    matching pump and cylinder pressures

    It wouldn't make any difference on the stroke length. The diameter is where it makes a difference. Jeff
  4. jeffery71

    matching pump and cylinder pressures

    Hi, That pump is a high pressure pump (10,000psi) I have the same pump for my portable punch setup. It really will not work with the 3000 psi cylinders. You could use a cylinder like this one. 30ton 8" stroke. 10,000 psi rating One thing to keep in mind if you use the 10,000 psi pump. Do not use hardware store or auto parts store hoses with it.. You have to use 10,000psi hose specially made for it. I had considered using that setup for a hydraulic forge but decided not to. Honestly the 10,000psi hoses scare me. If they burst it is very dangerous.