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  1. Theres a shot of the S.S. garden gate I've started work on. I opted to forge out the leaves from sheet rather than flat bar. More tig welding but less propane.
  2. Just tried the burner out in an old forge shell. Extremely stable flame at least for the 15 minutes of run time my near dead empty 20 pounder afforded. I will go pull the spare off the camper later and post pictures or a short video. Flame was a little reducing which I suppose could be addressed by modifying the reil type burner's air intake size. The flame was perfectly stable and very quiet over a wide range as well. I wish I had the time to change out my production slot forge from blown to n.a. Thanks again for sharing your discoveries.
  3. Multi port head comes out of mold. I used 1/8" aluminum tig rod scraps dipped in grease. Worked better than I expected. 90 odd holes. If the n.a. burner head won't run it I'll try widening a few holes. Thanks for the input frosty and dan.
  4. Hi Dan. First time on ifi in a long time. So I just converted my home built slot forge to blown ribbon and now I'm looking to change over my portable. It currently uses a single zoeller type propane 3/4" n.a. burner. In your opinion would this burner convert to run a ribbon head?
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