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  1. Good 4 you, I'm a member of www.nysdb.org as a memberwe award two scholarships a year for unaccredited blacksmithing class 1 is for a full pay at John Campbell another one is kind of open as long as they accept it we wound up going to New England and took a class given by GM Hoffman that's jymm he's on Facebook the guy is real good brought us a long way that's where I would start see what Jim Hoffman has to offer
  2. Thanks for all you input. I'll work on mine soon
  3. Go to costco's for charcoal I think the name is Baske It's in a green and white bag 20# for $10 It's the best charcoal around I use it as soon as I get it Friends bring it to the states for us and other BBQ comp teams
  4. Is there a rule of thumb on the size of anvil = size of stand. And I'm not thinkin height, I understand that one. I know for safety the stand can't be to small. But I'm also thinkin that they can be to big for like gettin around it and foot room. I need to build some new ones for anvils I've pickuped Thank You for all your help, you folks are great
  5. Just got done helpin my 9 yr old G Daughter Brookie makin some horse shoe hearts for her 2 friends B Day party 2day http://t.co/jZsAjdcg

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