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Same stand

Although not finished , as in holders for tools mounted around the edges or ends, this stand works. Top deck is 3/4 drop from steel company with 2x2x1/4 legs. Legs are filled with sand and oil, that is installed through sunken flush plugs under the anvil. Only two bolts hold the anvil steadily when tightened on the angle-iron clamps.

Noise: on the nose and body...very little
: on the heel...a bit loud but acceptable

Vibration: yes because it is not yet mounted into concrete
there is NO cushioning between anvil base and mounting unit

Anvil: Kohlswa 125ish, a little low for some, 28 inch tall to top

Future: hooks for the bicycle chain strap, top tools storage under the tail

Feature: You can stand right up close to this mounting with your feet underneath if you need to. One leg under the horn allows you to stand with eye sight right down the edge of the anvil for keen alignment purposes.

Wishes: Yeah..I wished I had this a while ago

Carry on
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would you use a cushion between the anvil and stand or what are the negatives to cushion or not?

I'll answer that for David. No, definitely not! You don't want any form of cushion or shock absorber incorporated in your anvil and stand. The energy from a strike is best when it is transferred into your work and not dissipated somewhere else. That is why the legs are at 9 degrees so they back the anvil not farther out for tipping where they would be springy.
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Brian...as usual you are right on target.

In the past I wanted a heavier anvil. So maybe some would call it  "anvil envy". Having met Brian and seeing what he does with an anvil quite a bit lighter than you would imagine, has taught me a properly installed instrument is nearly as good as a very large one!


We have made several anvil stands in the past months for friends and still re-learn that a near vertical well supported anvil...fastened to the floor...is a  proper method to build.


The proof become evident when you make the wrong one and it bounces (vibrates) all over the floor. Even a simple stump mounted vertical is better than a wandering anvil. Many prefer the stump and I was like them, yet I discovered (was introduced to) the  triangled anvil stand.



Merry Christmas to all



Carry on

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One stand I used was just an old cistern, maybe 10 gallons, packed with concrete. (I cast porter bar holes in it). That was great as the anvil was sitting on the concrete so the stand provided extra mass. No cushioning at all between them- just a snug fit. I gave that one away eventually when I got rid of my Papa size Rhino. I had to get rid of it as I had 5 good quality anvils but I still miss it sometimes, and the stand.


Silicon bonding of the anvil to the stand can be a good idea. Otherwise leave it alone.

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