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  1. thanks phil. i will definately do that if i wind up trying to copy one. i made a temporary one out of a flat drill press vise ive had laying around for years. i welded 3/8" angle iron to the jaws to clamp onto the splines cast into the bottom of the case where the worm gear is house like the original. it will work for now until i find one or make a copy. but my son is all about original because it will match all his greatgreat grandfathers equipment.
  2. this is a pic of the blower. when you click on them they're rather large, i dont know how to change size. im just waiting on the oil hole cover and shes done.
  3. as of right now theres several champ 400's w/ the stands but no separate stands, il keep looking. i appreciate it.
  4. Thank guys, ive figured out how i would make one if it comes down to it. I was just hoping to find an original, i think they are nonexistant w/o the blower. please keep your eyes/ears open for me.
  5. I bought my son a champion 400 blower in need of restoration.The raised letters just need to be painted gold and install a new oil hole cover. Its been refurbished inside and out. My question is, does anyone know where I can get the three leg stand/mount as the one I bought didnt have it? I could even be satisfied with just the mount, as I could make the legs. My son is quickly learning blacksmithing and has aquired alot of his great great grandfathers smithing tools and built his own forge. He is 18 and received a nice large anvil for graduation. This blower is going to be his Christmas present. He is currently using a modified hair drier for a blower. lol. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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