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    I just built one of these burners myself and used a 12 inch black iron pipe nipple and cut it into three different flares. I drifted them out using a blowtorch and a drift. I talked to Dave about the difference between his suggested SS flare vs a black pipe one. He said the only real difference was SS would last abit longer. So that's why I made 3 from the 12" pipe from the start. It's a great little burner.
  2. Hey Guys, So back in November I went down to Tuscon to visit Harold (HWHII) to get my gas forge up and running. When I started it looked like this. After spending a Saturday with him we (Mainly Harold) reworked the burner assembly. After returning home it sat, and sat, and sat. so After dreaming up a few changes, to the body and the burner I started looking for burner ideas here and came across Dave Hammers video on youtube on how to make a self aspirating burner, which you can find here. After talking with Dave on the forums, I set out this last Sunday to build the burner and finish the forge. And here are some pictures of everything as it sits now. With the exception of how the new burner sits in is now held more level but multiple set screws instead of just one for the top. Forge Burner I just wanted to share this with all you guys and here and say a special thanks to both Harold and Dave. Finally if anyone has experience tuning a Valley Forge Regulator pictures below. Please let me know. As is right now, the knob if turn complete either way does not effect my PSI out put.
  3. HWHII that would be great, what days would work well for you? Also what you do ball park the price to be to fix it to be?
  4. Alright so I took about the airflow pipe last night and played around with the blower as well. The burner tip on the inside is about .20 of an inch so just under a 1/4 inch, Which in my mind seems to big, what are you guys thoughts? Below is a picture. The Blower it self as not air flow control and when on is a pretty weak slow to being with. What kind of force do I need to have for airflow on a propane forge? If I have to replace my blower, could it just be a blow dryer or would I want something else? I also picked up some kaowool, ITC100and refractory brick for a base to as the bottom. Can I/Should I put a coat of the ITC100 on the brick as well as the kaowool? Best Regards, Sakadt
  5. That should work :) thanks!
  6. Thank again for all your help guys! I think I have a decent idea on which direction to take this in. Once I line it with another inch of Kaowool and than coat it in ITC100, what is the typical curing process?
  7. Hey guys thanks for all your input so far! I found some kaowool from a local supplier to make it a 2 inchs all around as well some fire brick to make a base at the bottom and refractory cement to coat it all once in place. The red box indicates where I think the burner head is installed in the pipe, However how simple exact can it be while being safe for usage? Phil- I'm not sure if the blower has some sort of air flow control on the unit itself, but there is not along the air flow pipe. Also what do you mean by "A ridgidizer/stabilizer is a good idea, better if it is an IR reflector too." Sorry if that is a silly question just not sure what you mean by it. And the price of the unit was $150 which I didn't think was to bad all thing considered I think it will save me some time. Sam- The yellow circle shows the fuel feed port/ stim where the hose connected to. And it was just your basic clear hose.
  8. I agree that it does give off a that unfinished feel to it, and there are alot of thing I want to do to it. such as the opening but nothing a angle grinder cant solve. I'm not concerned about the burner mechanism want what I can do to get it working.
  9. Hey Everyone it has been awhile since I posted anything, mainly because I haven't been in position to do much since I moved. But regardless I stumbled on to a gas forge on the good ole craigs list, that I couldn't pass up. While there are most definitely some issue with it, I think it will save me alot of time in building my own. Plus the main body was more or less what I was looking for. However, my knowledge on gas forges is rather slim, mainly because I use a solid-state fuel that can be seen here. So I guess more or less what I was hoping for was some input on this style of build and whether or not you guys have see anything like this or and input you have. Here are some of issues with it, If you look at the air pipe, you can see that it is galvanized steel pipe, which is of coarse a big no no, however if you look the pipe nearing the main body, you can see that the galvanization has started to come off or have been taken off with something. Regardless This can be changes out relatively easily. Secondly, the blower feeds directly into the main body, and gas line was ran straight into the little stem area on the upper elbow joint of the air flow pipe. And the hose just connected right to it. making it seem as if the air and gas work as one to keep it from coming back into the line, Unless there is something that I just don't see (burner device) inside the elbow, it just doesn't seem right to me, however maybe this is a design I am unaware of? :wacko: The kaewool is abit loose and worn, making is semi floppy, I was wondering is there are any adhesives that could be used to get it more form fitting inside of the firepot/cylinder (Not sure if that is the right term for a gas forge)? Or if it needed to be replaced all together? Aside from alittle rust, and the strange design (pipes and burner or lack there of), I think this forge is decent, the cylinder is made for 1/4in steel with shelves on both side and a hatch the can be opened of closed on the back side, for the need to work longer pieces. And the cart/stand is very nice moving in and doors of the garage. With a little work I think I could be pretty nice. Any knowledge or thoughts you guys have about this forge would be great! Sorry if the pictures are to big, and thanks again for your guys time. Best Regards, Sakadt
  10. Well here is the thing about that. It is in Las Vegas and I am in Phoenix. i've talked to the guy on the phone about it and said he cleaned it up and it runs great. I have friends in the area who would pick it up and store it for me before I head up there in a few months. So its kinda on faith, the guy is asking $180 for it.
  11. Hey guys, Been awhile since my last post. But I wanted you thoughts on this blower, before I buy it any know anything about these? Thanks Sakadt
  12. Here is my Forge, nothing crazy just a 401, that I mounted on the dolly and lined. Than I mounted a small shelf and tool rack on the back as well.
  13. Ace sells this stuff dirt cheap just use the road from me. I'm fairly certain it is for cooking but I was wondering if you guys know anything about it and if it would work for forging. Thanks. t
  14. Just wanted to share these with you guys. First I mounted it to a cart dolly to make this thing a lot easier to move around . Secondly I cut 2 slot roughly 1.5" by 3.5' in to each side of the pan, allowing me to be able to work long pieces with ease. Third as you can see in the picture above I lined the pan with the sand and Portland mix. I still have a few thing I want to so here such as building a tool rack just below the push handle for the cart, probably will do that today. Thanks, Sakadt