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  1. 1. This is a used torch that I bought 2. I light the acetylene and then the oxygen... 3. I take the rosebud off the torch body to clean the tip. 4. Don't mean to be thick headed but what is meant by crank up the acetylene until it burns free of soot? 5. Things that I've known but have forgotten: 1/7 rule but didn't know it by that 'name' and 15PSI and acetylene self ignites 6. Problem isn't happening while in use cause I cant get it lit LOL 7. The rosebud pops, starts making a high pitch sound with thin black smoke and the tube gets hot enough to turn the tube black. 8. Toni
  2. Torch body is WH26FC Rosebuds are 6MFA-1 OX @ 10-15 PSI Acet @ 8-12 PSI per Victor booklet 8MFA-1 OX@ 20-30 PSI Acet @ 10-15 PSI I have replaced the o-rings, dressed up the face with 320 grit sandpaper and cleaned holes with tip cleaners and adjusted the pressures until I'm totally frustrated. The torch works fine with the cutting attatchment. Any help would be appreciated....Keith
  3. I normally soak stock in vinegar overnight to wire brush off the mill scale the next day, Problem was I forgot to put the bar stock in LOL So I brought the metal to a black heat and dropped it in the vinegar. An hour later, it brushed off as easily as if it had soaked all night. Before I get 'hate mail', PPE with good ventilation was used.
  4. My blown forge has a solenoid wired to shut off the gas when the blower is turned off. I shut the forge off yesterday and when I re-lit it, the forge back fired rather loudly and flames shot out the blower. Turned out that solenoid failed and was leaking gas. The solenoid was 3-4 years old, used infrequently, and was rated for air/water/fuel/and natural gas. Is there any reason that it shouldn't have work with propane???
  5. Anyone know of a source for this type of pulley? Want to use a DC motor for a VS belt sander build. Didn't find them @McMaster, Grainger and several others. Torquetrans was custom built only.....Thanks
  6. The Golden Gate Bridge is constantly being sandblasted and painted. Point being, if California allows for sandblasting over intercoastal waterways, how bad is it? Does anyone remember how the feds conducted a study on the methane production by cattle and the study recommended individual "recovery methods" to be attached to each bovine? When my time comes, I intend to increase my 'carbon footprint' through cremation and scatter my remains in the desert which is against the law in this state (lol).. Yes, we shouldn't be environmentally stupid but let's not get wrapped around the axle over th
  7. Frosty, what is it with you and trees? You must have done something reeeaaalllyy bad to Isis, the greek goddess of trees cause I think they're out to get you LOL Seriously, hope you heal up quickly.......Keith
  8. Here is a close-up of the tip. thanks for any help...Keith
  9. A friend gave me this little torch and I use it frequently for welding leaves and branches. I wanted to see about getting another tip and new 0-rings but neither of the two welding supply shops recognized it. The torch body is about 5 1/2" long and the welding tip is about the same. The strange thing about this torch is the tip has two bevelled rubber inserts that are too wide to have been compressed o-rings. Any guesses as to who made these??? Thx, Keith
  10. Before posting I went online looking for help...wow, was I ever in over my head. Since this is a blacksmith project (fire pit cap) I'd see if someone on iforge could make it simple LOL I have a plasma cutter and access to a roller but don't know where to start drawing this up. Finished measurements are 36" diameter base, 18" rise and 10" diameter top hole. Thanks, Keith
  11. At work, we have a bench grinder with a twist knot wire brush that's very aggressive with .03 wire. So I've been looking for a source for my home shop but wanted a smaller dia wire and a longer flag length. Came up empty handed with Mcmaster Carr/ Grainger/Fastenal etc etc. Stumbled onto Global Industrial: Standard Twist Long Flag Knot Wheel Brush. .014, 6"dia $24.95 plus S/H. The knot doesn't throw wire bristles as bad as a crimped brush and and the flagging and knotting of the bristles doesn't grab as much because you can't push the work piece into the bristles as deep. Just safer
  12. George, I strongly agree with all that you said. I retired from federal law enforcement and I wouldn't even accept a free cup of coffee. Sometimes things like that can insult the giver in which case I would leave a nice tip that would cover the value of what was given. In this case, the fire dept is a contract provider and not a gov entity and as you suggested, I've since confirmed that this practice with this contractor is acceptable. I'm planning an a large donut donation next time...probable will include some sprinkles, bear claws, creamed filled.....I'm guessing that they may get shor
  13. Yes, I turn it off the jig with light hammer taps. I tried different diameters and both tight and loose wraps. Stretching it allowed me to control the 'collapse' into a more natural elliptical look.
  14. I posted earlier about how a bad crimp on a propane hose almost ended in a disaster. When I went to another vendor to replace the hose, I told them about the shoddy work their competitor had done. So they made up a 4' hose and gave it me for free. I thought that was awful nice and thanked everyone in the office. Several days later, I went back to get two tanks filled and the guy tells me there's no charge. Not wanting to get anyone in trouble, I asked him why. He saw from my shirt that I worked for "Rural/Metro Fire Dept". (I'm a diesel mechanic-not a fire fighter) Not being the smarte
  15. I needed 32 similar spirals so I ran 1/4" rnd thru the veining dies and then used this jig to make the spiral. Start to finish about 6 minutes each (once I firgured it out) lol
  16. Commercial stove black made with graphite and black pigment works well and has low odor when applied
  17. I had turned off the propane at the forge while doing some prep work for the next step of my project when I heard a pop and a hiss. The hose that I had made up at the local propane shop had seperated. Lessons learned: I'm too old to run that fast....I'll never do business with that company again....I'm buying a braided manufactured hose Monday....and that's why I have fire sprinklers.... But if the forge had been burning or even if it was still red hot, I probably wouldn't be sending this post. The real epiphany, "HE" decided not to call me home today. Yep, going to have a real thanksg
  18. Pit is a 3 letter word so I can't search it. But my wife wants a new fire pit with a chimney and expanded metal sides. We've googled fire pits but nothing really says "ahhh" As always, ideas, comments, pictures would be appreciated.
  19. Who cares about the lamp....LOOK at all those anvils !!!! "Yes, the lamp is cool and I'd love to have one" LOL
  20. Wife needed an MRI at Scripps and they asked if she worked with metal to which she replied "no but I sit in the shop where my husband works as a blacksmith. The young male tech became argumentative, telling her that she couldn't possibly have metal (in her eye) to which she remained adament. Taking two steps forward and In a not friendly tone of voice, I made it crystal clear that the MRI wouldn't be done until the xrays were completed.
  21. Selling off two sets of level three body armour to buy to buy a swivel head bandsaw but that won't happen soon enough. So I was looking at a Milwaukee 60180 5.4 HP $210 (Taiwan) or Dewalt D28715 $217 (China). I don't have a problem buying 'throw away' tools at HF but I have repeatedly failed to notice the warranty dates that I etched into the tools. I have some mechanic tools from Taiwan that are 25 years old and show only normal wear. I've heard that their metalurgy standards are better. On that same line of thought, Craftsman and Blu Point ratchets are now made in China which is indica
  22. I've noticed that I never break/burn-up/bend or kill a tool unless I'm using it and I'm in the middle of a large project. Funny how that works out. Current saw was a Milwaukee, the one before was a B&D and I don't remember the saw before that. Money is tight before Christmass which is what I'm working on. LOL So I'm thinking in the $200 range. What really sucks is my dry cut saw needs a $100 blade .......... So what do you like and what do you dislike...THX, Keith
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