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  1. Years ago, I was welding for a mine/quarry operation when the lead got a serious flash burn when tightening the lugs on a 3 phase contactor. So the plant manager sent over a roust-about to help me out. Now we always yelled "watch-it" whenever we struck an arc. Yes, you can see where this is going. After a few minutes I realized the guy's eyes were red and watering. The take away...make sure the other guy knows what you mean by watch it and don't mess with 3 phase even if it cost $1800 to spool-up the mills again. Keep in mind that this was the same operation where they dropped dynamite
  2. Another convert. Kinda like the difference between a VW bug and a Porsche 918. Both are imports and will get you from point A to point B. But what a ride......
  3. Don't mean to fill your inbox but wanted to suggest larger hose for your pilot lines. A cheap fix that can increase sensitivity and faster response.
  4. I have 4 very large laminations on the base of my engine lift for ballast setting up my power hammer. Going to use it again soon to lift hyd press....
  5. While not complete, I've got my press operational. It presses up which requires me to lift the work as it closes which seems awkward. I'm thinking that it would be more comfortable to rest the work on the lower die while the press closes downward. To reverse the press would require some fabrication and 2 new hoses. Any thoughts,suggestions are appreciated.
  6. I'm not a knife guy but I caught a knife making competition on cable. The first part involved 5 smiths making knives of a given length within a short period of time.One of the knives broke and another didn't have the prescribed number of serrations per inch. The two winners advanced to the Katana stage where they roughed out swords as prescribed and then returned to their own shops to finish their swords for presentation and judging the next day. My 'viewer' rating was a 2. With poor production values, it felt like a ripoff and i just don't see knife making as a competitive sport. Actually
  7. OK, that makes sense.....now I just need to let it go. Fortunately I was able to re-weld the joints so as not to show (too much) LOL
  8. Sometimes you screw up and just have to share your stupidity with others. I've been building a hydraulic press and today I finished fabricating the hydraulic tank. Being the forward thinking type, I filled it with water to make sure that it didn't leak...several hours later and and I'm good. Drained and dried, I filled it with hydraulic fluid only to discover several leaks. The viscosity of the hydraulic fluid is higher than water..... the molecular weight of the oil is greater than water. So what gives....cause inquiring minds want to know........Keith
  9. ZINC That's all I need to know about that subject.......This is why Iforge is such an indispensable resource. Heading to the scrap yard after work LOL Charles, Quarry Dog I know all about mag wheels and xmas trees. I was one of the rangers who gave miscreants citations for such behavior.......
  10. I've collected over 11 pounds of brass valves and shuttles from work with the intent of casting brass hammers. Nothing complicated, just cylinder in shape..probable turned on the lathe and then machine the eye. I'm not really interested in going to the effort of using green sand and clay.... So the question is this: Can I melt the brass and pour it into a piece of pipe as a mold. Having shown my total ignorance, let me know if I can pull this off...THX, Keith MODS...move as appropriate
  11. I've spent several hours of unproductive time concerning pros/cons of suction strainers, suction filters and return filters. Seems that knowledgeable people in this field have firmly held differences of opinions. So what works in the real world of shop built forging presses used by blacksmiths. Thanks for all advise...Keith
  12. It is adjustable but no specks on factory pre-set.....2nd stage is 3.5 GPM.....might run it until I get the 5 HP Thanks for the good advice.....Keith
  13. I've built a hyd press with a 4 X 16 cylinder and an 11 GPM 2-stage pump but I'm stalled looking for a 5 HP motor that won't require a bank loan. I've got a 2 hp 3750 rpm motor and was wondering what the performance would be like until I come up with a bigger motor... Thanks for any advice. Kerith
  14. I placed the plate on plastic, covered it with paper towels and gently wetted the towels with muriatic acid and covered it with more plastic. The plate was clean in 15 minutes. Appropriate PPE, good ventilation and a very small amount of acid used and then neutralized with backing soda. Mods: didn't know were to put this........ We put in Alchemy, Formulas, Fluxes, etc for you.
  15. About to finish an 11 gallon hydraulic tank but want to confirm where to locate the suction and return lines and how to construct the internal baffles to avoid aeration. The tank measures 24" long by 16 wide by 12" high. Thanks in advance for the advice. PS Got lucky in that I leak tested the tank (with water) first....pin holes suck....LOL
  16. Slowy working on a press and wondered how to size the hydraulic tank to the GPM of the pump. Any suggestions/ideas/thoughts appreciated............
  17. I use bolt-on dies for my new style Kinyon hammer and socket head cap bolts with grade 8 lock washers. It's been explained that these bolts will stretch more than grade 8s...Today I learned that these bolts use a "special high collar lock washer". The best way to describe them as being vertical rather than flat. Clearly these washer have more tension. I'm thinking that this might help in other applications....
  18. Saw a video where a loud bang was produced by hammering hot metal on the anvil face. At least that's what I thought they were doing, the video quality was poor. It obviously got every ones attention. Inquiring minds want to know LOL
  19. The forge is bolted to the table. The left side has an 8" piece of 1 1/2" square tubing welded to each leg. Setting in each "pocket" is a piece of 1 1/4" tubing which is welded to the frame of the roof. An 1 1/4" piece of tubing is welded between these 2 pieces setting in the pockets. A small bottle jack under this cross member allows the roof to telescope enough to rearrange the bricks. The genesis of this idea goes to Frosty from a post several years ago. You're right Thomas,....never could get that righty tighty thing clear in my arthritic brain. What I should have said was th
  20. This forge started out as a N/A 3 burner 5"H X 11"W x 16"L" brick pile forge. It worked well in that I could reconfigure the soft fire bricks for larger work like scrolls and bowls. I tried several different styles of burners but they ran rich trying to get the BTUs I needed. This led to building another ribbon burner. The burner face is 5" X 8" with (20) 5/16" metering tubes made from steel brake lines and brazed into the baffle plate to insure no leakage. The air flow is controlled by a butterfly valve which gives a more linear adjustment than a ball valve which gives a pro
  21. My compressor uses a 7 hp, 3450 rpm, 240V single phase motor. It is intermittent use in that it doesn't run continuously for long periods of time. I understand in principle that imbalance of voltage causes higher amperage which causes higher heat. So I've started checking the voltage to the shop while I source another motor. FYI..The lines to the panel box are 10 feet long and the wire is oversized as well. I don't have a lot of experience here. What more can I do to protect these motors?
  22. I've not been completely happy with the control on my hammer. So I decided make some upgrades. I started by replacing the small pilot valve with a large roller spring return spool valve with 1/4" ports, a CV rating of 1.0 and 3/8" lines. (Norgren #03 0602 22). Then I replaced all the 1/2" lines with 3/4", removed the check valve on the main control valve. and replaced the exhaust hose with 1". Huge difference. It hits harder, lots more open space between dies and I can get controlled single hits. I'm guessing that the roller valve contributed to the improved control and the I" exhaust
  23. They recently mucked the rust out of two water tankers at work. So what can you do with this other than put it in the dumpster ????
  24. Yep, been there, done that early on. What I think is happening is the roller arm over extends and flops down over the edge of the ram and then slams into the valve body. Going to profile the ramp today and see if that helps. Keith
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