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    hunting, fishing, welding. I restore old equipment to use and in the process of restoring a 69 Fiat 500 and a 61 Chevy Impala and make scrap metal motorcycles

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  1. wife wanted to go yard selling today and so we went looking around. at one house i found this 1950 Power King drill press Hardly used and still working. for 15.00. Good Day. it works dreat. just a little oil on the table and it is good to go.
  2. David Sanders

    Six new roses.

    these are nice i showed my wife and now she is telling me to make her some. good work
  3. Ok did anyone see the last Rambo. He.made.the prop for the boat and he.made the knife. Also Conans dad in the most recent Conan the barbarian. And yes I did watch dragon tale and how to trail your Dragon with the kids and loved it. And of course you can't forget the Hilander movies.
  4. Happy aniversary to my wife Sara Perez Sanders. 13 years and counting. i love you. and also to my little girl Justice Happy Birthday, Daddy loves you too

  5. took a trip to see the see the family in northern Va today and told my grandparents about my recent purchase of my anvil when my grandmother started telling me about her father who was a blacksmith. she also told me she remembers as to where his old forge and tools still are and will see if they are still there for me to get and restore to working order. also had 2 of my uncles there in which one gave me a set of forged tongs he had in his box and another uncle let me know of a pile of coal 5 foot high in his back yard he been trying to get rid of said i could have when ever i bring my truck up to get it. there was an anvil but was passed down by another branch of the family that owns an auto repair shop somewhere. i try to keep stuff like this in the familyand will use it proudly if possible. i will keep my fingers crossed. hopefully the forge is still there. i dont care of the condition i will get it to work some way. i will also try to find some pics of my great grandfather with his tools to put up in the shop. she said she has some she just cant remember as to where. at 85 she is still a remarcable lady. i told her i would bring her fathers tools back to life for her. i could tell that ment alot to her.
  6. You don't have to buy everything at once. My accumulation has grown over the last 12 years. Always on the lookout for older tools for the shop. Some finds from eBay some Craigslist. A few of my more expensive items were handed down from my late grandfather. When you find something never be afraid to ask if they would take less but no so much less as to insult the seller unless he is downright out of his mind, I have found a few of them. If you see something on the side of the road in someone's yard maybe, stop and ask but stay respectfully and keep speech ling and slang to a minimum. Ive had a case when I found something that the day before a young buck asked an old fellow about a place to hunt on he started with a bunch of yo yo yos and the old man sent him on his way but I come along the next day he told me and I spoke better English so he let me use his land. Feel its a good example for asking for anything.
  7. Had to sandblast mine. The guy I bought it from got it from an auction because it looked good in his yard as an ornament he told me. It had so many layers of epoxy paint the wire wheel wasn't working. By sandblasting it I was able to identify and date it.
  8. That's a good looking anvil. I was trying to see how you made your hammer holder around your base but it will have to wait till I get home. Only so much you can see on a phone. Looks great though.
  9. Looks very nice. Now you just need to tell us.about you adventure getting it moved into the shop.
  10. sandblast it and save the wear and tear that tells its story. you might discovery markings you never seen from its origin to let you know more of it. its what i learned from mine
  11. waiting on tax money to buy the HF rod. close 7.50 something a lbs bought in 10 lbs cans made by Stoody. will be well worth it.
  12. Ok i went ahead and done some sandblasting on the thing and got it cleaned up to see all i could see wrong with it and found the lable stamps and a few cracks around 2 of the feet. cracks are there but after some good looks from a buddy in NDT cracks are superficial and should be still sound. they look like the feet were forged on seperately during the forgeing process and ended up cracking later maybe due to not forge welding the feet on enough on that side when it was made. Still has a nice ring to it. the lable stamps i can hardly make out but after staring a while and doing a little history serching i made out M&H ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE. from another site i found how to date them and this anvil if i am reading it right was made 1820 to 1835 which would explain all the wear and tear from the years of abuse. Im still going to repair it and still going to use the crap out of it cause things are ment to be used. Love finding out the story behind the equipment i use, makes it all that much more fun and exciting to make things. Mousehole Forge anvils can be dated from their logos: (These are all cicra - about - dates and the words would be stacked): 1780 - 1795: MOUSEHOLE 1795 - 1820: C&A MOUSEHOLE 1820 - 1835: M&H ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE 1835 - 1854: HENRY ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE 1854 - 1875: M&H ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE FORGE 1878: BROOKS & COOPER MOUSEHOLE FORGE SHEFFIELD WARRANTED (with the outline of a mouse and HOLE for the first time) 1879: M&H ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE FORGE SHEFFIELD WARRANTED (mouse) HOLE PATENT 1880: M&H ARMITAGE MOUSE HOLE FORGE (mouse) HOLE WARRANTED 1895: M&H ARMITAGE (mouse) HOLE SHEFFIELD 1896: M&H ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE FORGE SHEFFIELD WARRANTED PATENT (mouse) HOLE 1911: M&H ARMITAGE MOUSEHOLE FORGE SHEFFIELD ENGLAND WARRNANTED (mouse) HOLE PATENT 1927-1933?: OWEN-THOMAS THE OLD FORGE SHEFFIELD ENGLAND Notes: - C&A = Cockshutt & Armitage - M&H = Morgan and Henry - Mousehole Forge is the only known manufacturer to use dots/periods between the weight numbers, such as 1 . 3 . 14. Sometimes all which remains of the logo is the dots. - Weight markings are in the British stone system to where the first represents multiples of 112 (1/20th long ton), the second multiples of 28 and the third remaining pounds. Usually off from scale weight a bit. - Mousehole Forge was one of the last British anvil makers to change from the old style to the modern (more blocky) feet. They did so cicra 1895. - The origins of the name of Mousehole is not certain. The square handling holes in an old anvil are called mouseholes. In England a bend in a river with a deep spot is known as a mousehole and Mousehole Forge was located at such as spot. There is a coastal English town named Mousehole and it was well known as the site of a brief French invasion about the time the forge was started. - Mousehole Forge contined to use water power (heave or tilt hammers) long after other manufactures switched to mechanical hammers. All Mousehole anvils are pretty well 'handmade'. Source: The Mousehole Forge by Richard A. Postman (with John and Julia Hatfield) http://www.abana.org/resources/discus/messages/4/442.html?1254101882
  13. chillin in my flip flops

  14. chillin in my flip flops

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