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  1. wayne1967

    Mounted vise

    It's actually a blanket over a nativity figure
  2. That is a really cool looking old stand.
  3. wayne1967

    Mounted vise

    Finally got my stand made for my vise that's been laying in pieces. Bottom plate is 3/8". Cut all the pieces at work out of scrap and had a buddy weld it up.
  4. My peter wright has really good rebound but it doesn't ring at all. Always heard a good one rings well. Mine is in really good condition though.
  5. I've got a small champion 16" x 18" that I am currently converting into a larger one. Found a heavy metal cart with a lip all around. Just got through cutting a square to fit the forge down into.
  6. My walls are all cinder block. Thinking about just having one of the maintenance guys at work cut me out a circle in a plate of aluminum and using high temp silicone around it.
  7. How did you guys run flashing around your chimney pipe? My shop roof has very little slope at all. Wood top with rolled roofing. I saw a flashing online that had a metal base and thermoplastic ring. Rated at 215 degrees didn't know how hot your pipes will get.
  8. wayne1967

    Show me your vise

    Do you happen to know who the maker of that largest vice pictured is? I just got a 5" that looks almost like it. Same back nut, same square vice arms, same type of handle. No marks that I can see.
  9. wayne1967


  10. wayne1967

    Price range

    Good morning. What are leg vices going for nowadays? Looking for one around 5" wide and have read people getting them for under $100. Been searching 3 different states around me and have yet to find one anywhere around that unless it's missing parts. Thanks for any help.