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  1. ausfire -Thanks. About 1/4 x 3/4 yes, I normally start with 1/2" to 1" round and just work it to a size I want to start with. I like to just grab a piece of iron and see where I can take it. As far as what heat wrought works best for me, almost white hot to rough in the shape using as few heats and hits as possible (usually 2 to 3 hits per heat) , then I do a lot of my work at a med. red heat, I'm not moving much metal but it rarely delaminates. I was forming a horse head yesterday and was about 90% done when the entire snout decided to split wide open. Wrought can be frustrating but the resu
  2. Here's a few of the style I like to make. The opener in the first pic, in the center, is wrought iron and so are the 2 in the second pic. These have been lightly etched to bring the grain out. I prefer working with wrought as it moves in so many directions when not expected or intended....... :)
  3. Aaron had a great article written about him in the paper on Sunday, made the front page. http://m.jsonline.com/more/business/forging-his-own-career-b99165636z1-237844151.html bill
  4. A few more pics of the finished sledge, hopefully these show off Aaron's hard work put in on the finishing of this piece. Almost toooo pretty to hit with, almost. As for striking with it I have to agree 100% with Aaron - it's a dream to hit with! Now on to the next one!
  5. So yesterday I show for work with 3/4 of an eye open and tell Aaron I can strike and probably hit most of what I aim at :blink: , we have a conversation and decide to make the handle for the sledge so that's done before heat treating. After we got it fit a few soft swings were in order but, Aaron tells me that with my "vision" we shouldn't take a chance of me swinging the sledge yet ??? Then I find out today he's hired my granddaughter to take my place :( , says she hits harder than me :o . Anyway here's couple of pics handle being fitted and the eye being sanded, where it meets the handle.
  6. Nice job Pug}{maN, I've been using the curved style for awhile now, thanks to Aaron Cergol, and agree with your result. I returned from Brian's 2 weeks ago and made these with Brian's brother Ed for "practice". The scolloped one was left as is by design, I've been using all 3 work and they work great. Work area contact - reduce it.............
  7. Stan - Thanks from Michael, Aaron and Bill. A great time was had. Great meeting everyone there! We had to get back to Wisconsin by Sunday morning so we had to sadly cut out Saturday night. But the reason for this post, as Stan stated "this ain't Vegas", so let me be the first - https://picasaweb.google.com/107525981194538192612/StanSHammerIn2012 Once again - THANKS Stan! Bill
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