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  1. Thanks for the mention Biggundoctor:) Man, starting a business is quite the timesuck - I haven't blacksmithed anything in months now. Hopefully one of these days I'll have some time to explore that again, and maybe one day get some metal going on as part of the business. Kinghotpants - don't want to hijack the thread - maybe I'll PM you - would love to ask a little about your woodworking, and maybe as things calm down I'll get a chance to bang on some hot metal with ya, or at least hang out at ya at a meetup if we get one organized again. Spruce
  2. Hey guys - almost forgot about this thread for a while, as life has gotten super busy on this end. I think at our meeting I told ya'll that I was trying to open a community woodshop here in Vegas. Well, we're open now, so if you want to come check us out, look up communitytoolchest.com for details. I know we're not supposed to advertise and plug for ourselves on iforgeiron, but I think the folks at the meeting were interested, so I hope I'm not breaking too many laws, And, I think this is a good thing for Vegas, and for folks like yourselves who like to make things. And, we're hoping to expand into other trades as we go, including blacksmithing of course. We might even be able to organize something at the shop. Shoot me a PM if you want more info. Man, it's been months since I've banged on steel - I sure miss it, and feel like I'll be starting from scratch again whenever I get back to it. It's cool to see some of you guys have been busy:)
  3. Wow njanvilman - looks like you went to a lot of work on my behalf. Traipsing through snow, carrying that anvil around, rigging it up and everything else - much appreciated! You have gone above and beyond! Spruce PS do you use that particular anvil much? Like it?
  4. Oh, I mostly want to know just for my own edification - it's going to get used no matter what. It's just cool to know about these old tools - from when it was made, to where, how, what it's made from, how much it weighs, etc. I feel like it's part of its story. None of that matters when you're hitting metal on it, but don't you wannna know anyway?
  5. Just saw your post in my other thread njanvilman, on general weiging techniques - thanks Spruce
  6. Just saw your post in my other thread njanvilman, on general weiging techniques - thanks Spruce
  7. You guys are awesome. A whole bunch of good ideas! Two bathroom scales - genius! Only I don't have two bathroom scales... actually, I don't even own one. But, I can obviously remedy that... As for the mathematics - thanks, I may just undertake that process, unless I happen to be going by the feed lot or somewhere who has a scale handy, and I can wrestle it back into the truck. Njanvilman - thanks, that would be cool! Spruce
  8. Also, any guesses at the weight? I'm hopefully going to get to somewhere with a scale one of these days, just for my own edification. And, any idea what any of the markings mean? In particular, the 4 dots stamped into the one foot? Spruce
  9. Thanks njanvilman. Very cool to know what it is I've got. Can you enlighten me as to how the large step and 45 on the step were useful for plow sharpening/making? I plan on using it just like it is for quite a while to come - I have projects much more pressing than the repair of that face. But, I imagine I'll undertake it one day, if I think I'm able. I'm no stranger to welding, of most different types, so the actual laying of the bead doesn't phase me. Rather, the proper pre-heating, maintaining temp, post-heating, etc. seems like the tricky part to get right. In any case, if I ever try it, I'll do a lot of research first, and it's a ways off. Also, I have a Mousehole with chipped edges I'd like to repair, although I can live with it the way it is if I think it will be too difficult. And, I have a Peter Wright, with not only chipped/mushroomed edges, it's just dead as a door nail - has nowhere near as good a rebound as my Mousehole, and neither are as good as this Fisher. So, I have no qualms about working on the Peter Wright, as it's got almost the same rebound properties as a random hunk of metal right now. I'd love to go at it with the appropriate rods and try to get some life back into it. Spruce
  10. Picked up this anvil in Cortez, NM, yesterday. Was on my way back from visiting family - managed to wrestle it in the back of our Honda Pilot... There's a hidden cubby thing with all the gear to change a flat tire, jump start, etc. in the back of the Pilot - the weight of the anvil cracked the panel which hides that/makes the bottom of the trunk. Also tore a big gash in the fabric on the back of the seats which were laid flat. Definitely not the ideal vehicle for hauling an anvil. I'm very lucky my wife loves me... In another thread it was suggested this might be a plow anvil - does that look correct? Any guesses as to the weight? As you can see it's in decent condition mostly, except for a couple of chips and that one obviously huge missing chunk of the face. I will use as is for now, but hopefully one day repair that area (will do all the research first - Gunther method I think it was called?) Also got 2 post vices with the deal. Anyway, here are the pics:
  11. Thanks for the suggestions all. I have the photos now, but think I'll start a new thread to not steal the anvils glory... will post a link here when I'm done.
  12. Thanks for the quick replies guys. I'll have pics of it up tonight. Good idea about the feed store - I might see if they can help. Only problem is getting it into my truck... I picked it up in Cortez, New Mexico. I live a little ways outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, in a town called Blue Diamond. Spruce
  13. Hey guys... stupid question here, but does anyone have a clever trick for weighing an anvil too large for a bathroom scale? preferably a cheap method... I'd rather avoid just buying a big scale of some sort. This weekend I picked up a Fisher anvil, but I can't for the life of me find any weight markings on it. I'll try to get pictures up later, but for now, it has FISHER indented on one foot, some makers marks like LI III, and 4 dots stamped in the front of another foot. The only other mark I can find on it is a blob of some sort on the outside of one of the feet, but it is unrecognizable. I thought about trying to balance it on a lever or some such non sense, but that seems tricky and not incredibly accurate... I know this thing is quite a bit bigger than my 150 pound Mousehole and Peter Wright. Conservatively I'm going to say 50 pounds more, but I really think this thing might be quite a bit more... It's on a stump, and I can lift it, just, but not move with it. I'm a 6 foot 4, 210 pound guy, who can lift quite a lot... If it wasn't attached to the stump, I might just barely be able to take some steps with it, although I don't think I could lift it off the ground into a carrying position. Also, this anvil has another peculiar feature: the step has a huge drop down - about an inch and a half. And, instead of running straight across the anvil at a perfect 90, it has a 45 in the middle of it, if you get what I mean. Anyone ever seen this? Pics would help I know... working on it. Spruce
  14. Agreed, it was great meeting everyone, and looking forward to hanging out in the future! Iron Nomad - I was sitting next to you - my name is Will - feel free to shoot me a PM, or else I'll get hold of you in the next day or two. Spruce
  15. Yep, I'll be there - should be a good little gathering:)
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