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  1. I'm not familiar with Petrobond. Cursory Googling makes me think that it is similar to Delft Clay. Is that about right?
  2. ThomasPowers, you nailed it. Right now they're using a silver letter opener, but it's only a couple of inches long. They really need something a little more substantial. Looks like CSN offers some classes in that area. I'll think it over. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! It's not so much jewelry that I want to make, actually; my planned use is more like Jane's. I had a request from a friend about how difficult it would be to make a decorative knife out of silver. It doesn't need to be sharpened or hardened -- strictly decorative. I know silver melts at a relatively low temperature (versus, say, steel) and I can likely get it hot enough using either a simple paint-can forge or just a MAPP torch. The plan is to use sterling silver recovered from goodwill stores and the like to build up a stockpile of raw material, then melt it down and cast it into the rough shape before grinding and polishing to the final form. As I understand it, I can carve the pattern out of wood and then use something like Delft clay to make the mold. I also know I'm going to mess up the first few times, and that's OK -- making mistakes is how I learn things. However, if someone local is going to be doing any casting, it would be immensely helpful to actually watch someone go through the process in person.
  4. Does anyone here have any experience in precious metal casting? I'm hoping to gain some experience (hopefully using brass or aluminum) before moving up to silver. I'm used to making mistakes as I learn something, I'd just prefer they not be horrifically expensive mistakes. If someone would be willing to meet up and walk me through the casting process (or really just observe while they cast something), I'd happily chip in for materials and/or beer. Doesn't have to be silver -- I have future plans that involve aluminum, brass, etc, and I imagine the processes are quite similar anyway.
  5. They make beer. Also food, but mostly beer. I don't think I'm busy this weekend. I'll keep checking back until something is nailed down. I'm looking forward to meeting y'all.
  6. I'm in Spring Valley-ish, I guess. A hair south of the 215 and a bit west of the strip. Done. Thanks for the tip!
  7. I'm a woodworker and a (bad) welder in Las Vegas who is interested in blacksmithing. I'm not actually smithing anything yet, more just investigating the hobby. I'd love to meet with some of you and maybe watch you work so I can get a better idea of what's involved in this.