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  1. Help in Cincinnati Ohio Building a Forge

    That's basically what I'm going to be doing. Picking up one thing a paycheck or so.
  2. Help in Cincinnati Ohio Building a Forge

    True enough that I'll need some tools at some point. Though right now I can't afford all that.
  3. Help in Cincinnati Ohio Building a Forge

    That's a pretty good idea actually. Thanks guys, I'll get on asking SOFA and other blacksmithing groups.
  4. So I was wondering how helpful people are on here with actually helping to build a forge? Is there anyone willing to physically help me build a forge? I was going to buy a forge from Majestic Forge but I've seen some people on here complaining about their design and not being very efficient. I'm mainly asking because I don't own any tools myself so if I was to build my own then I would need help.
  5. Thanks everyone! I'll use this as my starter anvil for the next few years and maybe upgrade down the road. Now off to research forges and builds!
  6. That makes me feel a bit better. I thought about a mouse hole he had as well that was 150lbs for 550 but the edges had a lot of chips in it. Nice ring and rebound rhough.
  7. So I just got a Vulcan anvil and paid $300 for a 100lb anvil. I'm guessing i over paid by a bit most likely. It is in really good condition and looks like it was barely used at all. I'm from Cincinnati Ohio by the way. If that helps at all.
  8. Choosing a Burner/Forge

    After thinking about it I'm going to get the T-Rex burner. Worse comes to worse I can order a second one down the road for a larger forge. Thanks for all the comments so far guys! Everyone's been a lot nicer than some of the people over on the Reddit Blacksmithing page.
  9. Choosing a Burner/Forge

    I was actually trying to choose between a T-Rex or their 1' burner. I figure the 1' burner would be a little more "future" proof.
  10. Choosing a Burner/Forge

    Done and done and thanks!
  11. Choosing a Burner/Forge

    You're around 2 hours away from me. Honestly not all that bad considering how this is my first post on here haha.
  12. Choosing a Burner/Forge

    Sorry everyone, I live in Cincinnati Ohio. I'll be buying a burner probably from the places listed in my original post unless someone knows of a better place to get a quality burner.
  13. Choosing a Burner/Forge

    So I'm in the market to buy my first forge or make it from scratch. I own very few tools in general and I'm not the best handyman in the world either. I was originally going to buy a forge around 300-500 bucks. Everyone on the Reddit forum was saying to basically build my own and save some money. I'm looking to do pretty much a bit of everything eventually. I was thinking of going Propane because I thought it would be cheaper. It'll also be cleaner which is nice seeing as how I'll be in the driveway most of the time haha. Basically, I didn't know a good propane forge or burner to buy. Is there any good brands of burners and forges out there I should look at? I know of the following places that I was looking at. Centuar Forge Alec Steele has some burners for sale Hybridburner Devil Forge