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  1. How about the Culpeper area? And you know the one link sends you to the Central Vermont Realtors Association right? Anyway, I was just wondering if Culpeper would even be considered part of Central VA, since it's up north a bit from you guys. I'm looking for a mentor or at least someone that could show me a few things from time to time.
  2. Hey guys, would Culpeper be considered part of Central VA? I'm looking for a mentor but it seems like you guys are all hours south of me, making it a little hard for me to meet with anyone. Let me know if anyone's up near me that doesn't mind showing me some of the basics.
  3. Thanks guys. This is the most help I've ever gotten from any place online. I realized that a lot of you were right when you said I may be better off finding a mentor, so I think that's what I'm gonna do. But I did finally get a decent weld, I just had to use some rod stock I had bought to practice scrolling. Unfortunately I didn't understand what I did differently to succeed that time, so I think it's time to look for someone that can show me. I'm gonna head over to the meeting forum, but just in case anyone here is in the Culpeper, VA area, I could definitely use a good mentor.
  4. Sorry, the pieces are about 1/4" thick. Not sure of which grade metal they are, only that the stock they came from was a major pain to work, so I assume something high carbon. I got them at Lowes for practicing a few techniques, price wasn't bad but the exact info was lacking. I think ThomasPowers was right, after re-inspecting the pieces, I think they were oxidized. I never even thought to grind them clean, as they were pretty rusty, I just assumed the fire would burn that off. But hey, I just learned something, so I guess it's not a waste. I would like to know if there's a way I ca
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out where I went wrong with fire welding the other day. I'm using a coal forge first off. So I decided I was just going fire weld two pieces of scrap to learn how, but I failed miserably. Can't even figure out how I failed. My process was as follows: Started forge (duh, lol) Got fire pot nice and deep and fully glowing (Aprox. 7-9 inch heart)(Metal is of larger size) Picked two pieces, one 8" x 3" the other about 7" x 3" Heated (first time) to glowing, my normal working heat. Failed Realized I would need much more heat, heated to nearly burnt (W
  6. Side profile, the angle is a little bad, but you can see that for a first sword I did pretty good keeping the edges fairly consistent.
  7. profile, I hadn't noticed until just now, but I have a little straightening to do, I'll have to remember to be more aware of this next time
  8. close up on the hilt
  9. tang of my project so far, needs some work still, but i'm done for the day
  10. Tip of my unfinished sword attempt
  11. Full profile of my first sword attemp
  12. haha, I have to say that some of the responses I'm getting are quite humourous. I really appreciate the advice everybody. And to Gundog48, don't worry about my expectations. The only high expectations I'm holding are that I'll learn a bunch from this first failure. But I'm fully prepared for this to be a failure. I'm crazy, but not stupid, ;) Actually, so far I don't think I did too bad. I used a piece of rebar since it's so cheap I won't feel bad if it goes wrong. I'm going to include some pics if I can figure out how. I need some advice on how to draw out the tang, but I think
  13. Hey everybody. I'm a relatively new smith in the Northern VA area. I've had some pretty good beginners luck so far, I made two pretty decent gates and also a spear I made out of rebar just for giggles. I'm still pretty new though, I just watch a lot of youtube videos and take careful notes, so any and all advice is welcome. If anyone in my area is up for playing mentor, I'd love to hear from ya, just leave me a message or something. I got into smithing because I've always like swords, and metal, and well fire. I've been interested in it for ages but I've only just now decided to
  14. Hey everybody, I'm new to the forum. So if I break any rules (which I will use my best judgement to avoid) please let me know. So now that the introductions out of the way, I'm a relatively new smith who has had some pretty good beginners luck so far. In fact I decided I'd like to try my hand at making a rapier or a viking style long sword, just for giggles. I've made two iron gates so far and I learned so much from all the mistakes I made it's unbelievable, so I decided to just jump into making a sword with the expectation of failing miserably, just to learn from the mistakes I'll m
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