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    Forging for 2 years been a fabricator for 15 years
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  1. Hey Mark! Brian usually reaponds to ifi but he has been so busy. The kid was really into it and super focused. Is Danny still forging with you sometimes? We really miss you and are working on comming to CA in the fall for Tony Swatton's gig. Hope you all have a fun Easter too...love to the family!

  2. so Alec claims he wore you out that is saying alot Im glad some one could cause your like the everready bunny you just keep going. speaking of bunnies I hope you guys have a happy easter

  3. One hell of a kid. It is great to see that little guy forge. I was missing striking for Brian but now I'm not sure if I would strike for him again he would alway compare me to Alec just kidding I love striking.
  4. Thats a good looking kid must take after his dad.lol
  5. I like the Brian Brazeal fuller hammer.
  6. Nice I like it I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the idea
  7. I forgot a eye and I started with 3/4 by 3/16 needed bigger fuller.
  8. Well Brian I tried it and this is what I got. The wing is not easy mine kinda sucks. It was fun though my boy held the steel while I fullered it was nice to get him out to the forge it had been awhile. David says hi to you and Karen.
  9. This is good to 2600 we use for our eye punches http://www.aervoe.co...ize-Nickel.html
  10. I was told not to use the word mastering I should of used the word director. I apologize for using mastering I was just trying to let you know who was on what side of the anvil.
  11. Forged from 2 1/4 round 7" long of 1045
  12. So, Ed Brazeal is getting ready to leave for Oklahoma and he was one tool up so I figured I would make him work. So I cut a piece of 2 1/4 round 7" long of 1045 and said get ready. Ed and I had been talking about how we would make a flatter and we went with his idea. So the heat began and the striking came hard and in one heat we squared it up to set in swage block. The next 3 heats we upset the flatter face from 3" down to 5/8" thick. The next heat was for the eye. We difted twice and checked for the handle. Then came the striking end, in two heats we tapered and smoothed to a perfect square.
  13. A hump tool is radius blocks that surports the hammer or tool when drifting. In some cases the front of your tool is at a different hieght than the striking side so we have many different hieght hump tools
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