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  1. http://amsterdamforge.yolasite.com/ This website shows all the pictures and descriptions of my home made forge.
  2. Hey just wondering if anyone knows a good way to get anthracite coal to start up and stay lit I have 150lbs in bags at home and really didn't want to buy any coal. So any tips and tricks that anyone knows of would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I thought about that about mid way through the rim?
  4. Hey there, I just spent the last few months working on this big(for me at least) forge. I used a coach bus rim for the fire-pot, then welded 1/4" steel diamond plate to it to close up some holes, welded on some legs and supports, cut a 1 1/2" hole for the pipe, welded the pipe in place, added some wheels and I have an old electric blower rigged up to a power regulator. Now I am just about ready to start it up but I want to make sure the heat is not going to melt away the welds that I made, they are solid welds (been welding for 5 years). I joined on here just to see people's opinions I was thinking about adding a clay and sand mix to the fire-pot to give it some insulation but I was wondering if that would be overkill or not? Any tips, tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated. http://amsterdamforge.yolasite.com
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