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You Might be a Farrier if

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You Might be a Farrier if ....

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017 If you need help getting out of bed and to the shower to loosen up in the morning.

016 If you go through more than three shirts a day in the summer time.

015 If you are kinda stiff untill you get one horse done.

014 If your wife lifes the smell of burning hoof.

013 If your chaps stan in the corner by there self.

012 If you wash your hands better before you go to the bathroom than after.

011 If you know not all frogs are good to eat.

010 If your toung was pierced using a horseshoe nail. you know not all frogs are good to eat"

009 If you make your living with your butt higher than your head.

008 If you don't come when you are called, and don't go out when it rains.

007 If you might be a farrier if you watch a pretty woman walking away from you and get distracted trying to determine if she is lame in her ankle or if she is just shod improperly.

006 If you are able to leap a tall horse at a single bound!

005 If you put shoes on a 1200 pound animal, nail them in place, then walk away.

004 If you are a teller of tall tails and extraordanary feats.

003 If you remember you have not had lunch as it starts getting dark.

002 If you get bit, kicked, and/or stomped on - daily.

001 If you work with your head down.

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