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BP1049 A Tour of My Shop

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IForgeIron Blueprints
Copyright 2002 - 2008 IFORGEIRON, All rights reserved.

BP1049 A Tour of My Shop
by Uri Hofi


The forging station. In the center is my Hofi anvil, from two sides the vises one on the left low 30 inches, the other is 40 inches and on wheels to be able to move it to the right position and place. The coke forge with the channel of the chimney going through the wall out and on top a small gas forge that I use many times for pre-heating before heat with the coke fire. By doing this I save time and can produce more in the same time. You can see the small plastic black drum for the coke, and the big blue durm for water. The swage block that I can move to the place needed and the wooden stump to straighten hot steel with a mallet.. The green in the left is one of the two "shahinler" 60 kg air hammers the silver two burner gas forge on wheel trolley, and the rosebud. The system is arranged in a way that every thing is near and around and so there is no need to walk a lot.




The tools (AND I HAVE MANY TOOLS) are arranged on type of shelves in colored families. This way I know every tool place and always to what place to return after the job is finished. The chair is to have a seat and rest every once in a while (73 YEAS OLD)


Another view.


The opposite side to the fire, the two air hammers and the 75 ton press.


The air hammer tools and dies on the shelf in the back of the air hammer.


This shelf accommodates on the upper part of the anvil tools and swages. The small drawers are for the chisels and drifts from 3/8 inches to 1-1/4 inches ready for use according to the need. On the bottom, the different drifts for hammers axes and the aligning bars for the holes punching.


My belt grinder. I have two with very heavy suction for the sparks.


Another view three anvils in the line with the coke fires, in the back one can see the flypress.


The second room, every room is 24 feet x 42 feet. Lathe - the hole in the lathe is 2 inches so it can accommodate big steel diameter the head is 4 chuck and not a 3 chuck, so I can work round and square material.


Milling machine one 80 years old. The belt driven drill press and a very powerful modern one.


Assembly table 1 inches thick 4,2 feet x 4,2 feet.


Another assembly table 5 feet x 7,5 feet x 3/4 inches thick with all the accessories needed on the shelf below.



The third room contains a 4 foot x15 foot table with two heavy duty I beams 6 inch x 6 inch covered now with 1inch plywood on this table I assemble the staircase railing window railing gats and more. In the future Iâll give a special BP on this type of table. The beams are adjustable to what ever width is needed.


Grinding, brushing and polishing station. The table is made of old steam motor flywheel.



One of the anvils in the line is my first anvil got as a present from a family that the great grand father was a black smith, The anvil was completely abused and destroyed. I had to put it on the milling machine and to cut of 1/4 inch and still reweld one edge. The round bick was broken and I welded it too. The point of the bick was broken and this was also welded and grinded. The anvil is no more then 45 hrc and work fantastic. It was my anvil for the first ten years is now more then 100 years old.


Every thing that I work, with or forge, or cut the steel for the job, I move with trolleys. You may see part of them in the photo.

The whole smithy, plus the gallery, plus the school and offices are in a 24 foot x 240 foot building. In the Blueprint, I show only the first section of ''the smithy''. The smithy 70 years ago was a poletry (chicken) house.

Thank You for visiting my shop.

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Очень все ухоженно и по местам,я хотел бы там работать .Возьмете в ученики?

Very well maintained and all the places I'd like to work there .Vozmete apprentice?

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