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BP1001 Hofi Hammer Technique

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BP1001 Hofi Hammer Technique
by Uri Hofi
Photos by Johannes Angele

How NOT to hold a hammer



You sea on the fotos that when you hold the hammer tight the strain on the muscles.
If you swing the hammer that way because the continuous strain on the muscles you will sure get in time tendonitis (hope i wrote it right) or what we call here tenis elbow

When you hold it my way (you can see it on the other fotos in section 401 "the right way to hold the hammer") that there is no tension on the muscles. One thing more: when you hold the hammers shown in the fotos 1+3. When you raise the hammer you bring the wrist joint to it limit and you damage the wrist, if you hold the hammer the right way with the palm of the hand parallel to the anvil face there is no limit to the joint and therefore no damage.

How NOT to hold a hammer



How NOT to hold a hammer



Why not to hold the thumb on the handle?

1 This way you stop the hammer from bouncing and get the advantege of raising the hammer with the reaction.

2 This type of holding desturbs you to raise the hammer. The thumb is still pushing down when you want to raise there is a contradiction in the posision.and you use much more energy to raise the hammer.

3 The most important one is the thumb there is a nerve called A-5 that goes all the way to the neck spine. While we swing the hammer in a forging day at least 20,000 times, the little reaction of the hammer hits the nerve 20,000 times a day!!!! After some time and this is what eventually you start to feel pain in the neck and you have troubles moving the head from side to side, and this is a non-reversable damage..

The proper way to hold a hammer.



The proper way to hold a hammer.



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It amazes me how important things like hammer holding technique have never crossed my mind. Through education from those that know we can avoid many discomforts and potential injuries.

Thanks Uri, your knowledge is always appreciated and respected.


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